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August 14, 2006

How do I unblock MySpace - How can I get to MySpace if it's being blocked


Do you want to go to but your school or workplace is blocking Try using is a proxy server. It allows you to view by tricking your school or workplace into thinking that you're looking at pages.

Get to MySpace at school and at work if it's being blocked with

August 20, 2006

I'm blocked from seeing MySpace, can I still get to MySpace

Today we'll take a look at proxy sites that allow you to view MySpace even if it's being filtered or blocked at your work or school.

1) First up is


You're being blocked from visiting MySpace at school. Or maybe your parents have blocked you from getting to MySpace at home.

Can I still get to MySpace?

The answer is yes! All you need to do is use a proxy.

The first proxy we're going to visit is

The description on their site says: The Best Unblocking Proxy! With the use of our free service you can bypass blocked pages in school, work, or anywhere! Our service will also help protect your computer from spyware, viruses, and other malware, keeping you safe while maintaining a high level of anonymity.

2) Next up is


The description from website says: is a fast web proxy - Browse Myspace through our proxy server and hide all your personal information , get around those pesky internet filters.

MySpace Proxy lets you browse websites which would normally be filtered from browsing. You can easily bypass web filters that are set up by the school or company server who's internet connection you are browsing with. No need to search for a long IP proxy list , with MySpace Proxy 1 you can do everything that is possible with a web proxy!

Everyone hates it when they can't visit a site from work or school. MySpace Proxy 1 is there so you can visit MySpace and why should they censor your content anyway?

MySpace Proxy 1 - The best MySpace Proxy on the web.

3) Third on the list is

siteallow.jpg offers a free web based Proxy service. This service allows you to surf at work or school, and surf anonymously, allowing you to browse sites without loading any scripts that could cause damage to your system. This is done, by loading the sites that you wish to visit on our server. The server then communicates with the webpage, then communicates with your browser. Your details are kept secret from the website, as the website collected details about our server and not you!

By using our services, you leave no trace of your IP address, being invisible to other people, so they can't see what your doing with your browser. Our server IP address will be used in place of yours. Surf safely.

4) Fourth on the list is


Lean how to unblock and view MySpace.

This site uses the server proxy IP for surfing the web anonymously. Protect your privacy! Surf Anonymously! Bypass Security Filters! Private Browsing! You are welcome to use this service to view any site. Unlock internet secrets! No website cache or cookies! Be Spyware Free!

5) The last on the list is


MySpace Proxy Site is here to help you access MySpace from work, school, or any other Internet enabled computer that is preventing you from accessing MySpace. We are dedicated to providing the best MySpace proxy available.

Whether you are behind a firewall, a restricted network, or just a badly configured or faulty network, MySpace Proxy Site handles every request for you and filters every page you visit on and beyond.

A proxy is a great tool both for casual users and system administrators. When you browse with MySpace Proxy Site, every request you make is handled by our server, cleaned, and passed along to you. A proxy hides your identity as well as cloaking browser details, geographical information, and cleaning up malicious scripts.

October 4, 2006

Unblock MySpace - How to get to MySpace from School

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of request and questions on how to unblock a school blocking MySpace. These students are looking for help in by-passing their school's filtering of the MySpace domain. Most visitors will do a search on Google, with the terms MySpace Blocked.

I thought I'd share three possible ways of by passing a schools filtering and blocking

1) The first way to un-block MySpace is by using a Web browser proxy.
Here is a small list of web browser proxy sites:

Free web-based proxy services at the Open Directory Project- Click Here

A word of caution, some of these sites my have spyware, malware, or a virus. It's a web browser proxy, don't download and install anything.

Drop us a comment if any of these proxy sites no longer work and are blocking you from getting to MySpace.

2) The second possible way to unblock MySpace and allow you to get to MySpace is by using a HTTP proxy server. To set this up would require some equipment and technical ability. Here are some Popular proxy server software - Click Here

WARNING CAUTION: When using a proxy just remember you are at risk for a malicious proxy server to record everything sent to the proxy. Which includes unencrypted logins and passwords.

3) The last possible way to bypass a school blocking MySpace is to use a translation proxy. Try using one of these language translators to unblock MySpace

We want to hear from you leave us a comment on what works and what doesn't work so we can update this list.

Good luck on unblocking MySpace at school.

How to unblock MySpace with a MySpace proxy

October 24, 2006

How can I get to MySpace - How to unblock MySpace

proxieslist.jpg Is a great site to find a possible proxy site that you could use to get to MySpace. A lot of schools and work places are trying to block their students and workers from getting to MySpace. Well try a proxy site that let's you get to MySpace from work or school. Unblock MySpace today with a site on the

The top proxy site on is ProxyDom - High speed anonymous proxy server. Running on Unix cluster with multiple backbone connections.


We've found another web site proxy list, for all those users who are trying to unblock MySpace at school and work.  

The top site on is TheProxyFree: anonymous proxy surfing - TheProxyFree is a FREE web based anonymous proxy service which allows you to visit websites through an anonymous proxy so that you can visit sites that are blocked by your company, school, university or your ISP.

Need to find other MySpace Proxy sites? Try these sites

Give both list a try at your school and let us know what works. We LOVE Comments! Share the knowledge!

November 7, 2006

Unblock MySpace at school - get to MySpace from school

Here is another site to try and unblock myspace from your school.



What is Surf Inter.Net is a 100% FREE ANONYMOUS WEB PROXY (based on the PHProxy script, see how it works) that allows you browsing banned, filtered or restricted websites (like,, etc) from school or work, fast and secure with privacy protection. Hide your real IP address, access myspace or other social network has never been easier! Bypass firewall restrictions and enjoy fast broadband access to the internet, total anonymous surfing, avoid ID theft or attacks - your IP is never at risk with this online proxy server. If this is not working use our backup servers: HideMyWay, VIPsurfer, MSproxy ! Enjoy...


myspace proxy

MYSPACE USERS CLICK HERE TO USE PROXIFIER PROXY. Sorry for the inconvenience, MySpace logon was down yesterday. Enjoy!


LATEST NEWS: MySpace LOGIN is working at last. Please enter desired URL address you want to visit and hit PROXIFY ! Enjoy. Surf Internet is a web proxy server that allows you to access banned or blocked websites directly from school or work, bypass firewall restrictions, surf 100% free and anonymous with privacy protection. For everyone looking to access MYSPACE from school here is you php proxy to do just that...

If you need another proxy to go by, enter proxy IP and port number in the "Tunnel Proxy". Default is BLANK. You can choose a BROWSER to emulate: IE, Opera, Firefox ! Updated on 11.07.2006, Myspace ready!

Try these MySpace proxy services to try an 

November 26, 2006

Unblock MySpace at your school

Not a day goes by without someone email us asking how they can stop their school from blocking Students from all over want to unblock at their school. 

So we searched the internet and found a list of over 300 proxy sites. These proxy site should allow you to bypass your school's filter and logon to MySpace. If your school is currently blocking you from getting to MySpace try one of these sites. Some of these sites might already be blocked by your school. Once your school finds out about a proxy site letting you get to MySpace, they'll probaby add the site to their list of sites to block.

Be sure to leave us a comment of which site works for you! Below is the latest list of proxy sites to unblock

3 Proxy || 3 Proxy || 3 Proxy || 4 Proxy || A1 Proxy || A Free Proxy || Alien ProxyAnonymate || Anonymizer || Anonymouse || Anonymousurfing || Anonypath || Anonypath || Anonypost || Anoxx || Anti-boredom || Anti Trace || Anti Trace || Antiwebfilter || A Proxy Site || Arnit || At School || Awkward Alliteration || Backfox || Bbscience || Best Proxy || Big Proxy || Block My || Boardmerlin || Bored At School || Box Proxy || Browse At School || Browse At Work || Btunnel || Bypasser || Bypassit || Cacheless || Cecid || Cgi-proxy || Clever Proxy || Click CopClick These || Cloaker || Cloak My || Coconia || Concealme || Cool Handle || Ctunnel || Dark Proxy || Dejacey || Desire Proxy || Dnbroker || Drpruxy || DtunnelEat More Blueberries || E-konkursy || Estealth || Exo Proxy || Ez Proxy || Famous5 || Fly Proxy || Foxy Proxy || Frast Proxy || Free Http Proxy || Free Internet Proxy || Free Proxy || Free-proxy || Free Proxy || Freetoview || Free Usa Proxy || Free Web Proxy || Fritoon || Fsurf || Fully Sick Proxy || Gamecrib || Get Past || Get Proxy || Ghostclick || Green Rabbit || Hatkoff || Hide || Hide And Go Surf || Hide-me || Hide Your || Hidip || Hujiko || I Am New Guy || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ideal Proxy || Idoxy || Intbonline || Ipbounce || Ipbouncer || Ip-privacy || Ipsecret || Ipzap || JiggywormJj4 || Just Hide || Just Proxy || Just Proxy It || Kampen || Kaz Proxy || KezfunLet Me By || Link2caro || Lite Proxy || Live Proxy || Log Buster || Log Buster || Melloyello || Mfp || Mint Proxy || Mister Proxy || Monkey Signs || Mr Proxy || Msnvip || Msxsecurity || My Cgi Proxy || My Free Proxy || My Proxysurfer || Myspacehooker || My Web Tunnel || Netsack || Network Techs || Nfan || Ninja Proxy || Node Proxy || Nopath || Nopath || Nsfwurl || Page Hot || Page Wash || Paper Tiger Shark || Pc-portal || Peoples Proxy || Perfect Proxy || Perl Proxy || Php Proxy || Phproxy || Phproxy || Pimpmyip || Pimp Proxy || Pionas || Porno Proxy || Poxy || Preoxy || Preps On Crack || Presto Proxy || Prime Proxy || Procksee || Project Bypass || Proxatron || Proxene || Proxert || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxy || Proxy1 || Proxy121 || Proxy7 || Proxy77 || Proxy Arcade || Proxy Aware || Proxyboys || Proxy Browsing || Proxybull || Proxy Buster || Proxycat || Proxy Chat Room || Proxy Circle || Proxy Craze || Proxy Detective || Proxy Devil || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Eyes || Proxy For All || Proxy Fox || Proxy Free || Proxyful || Proxy Gasp || Proxy Genie || Proxy Hut || Proxy Jet || Proxy Kingz || Proxy Lord || Proxy Maxi || Proxy Mod || Proxy Nut || Proxy Party || Proxy PleaseProxy Prince || Proxy Rocket || Proxy Shock || Proxy Spy || Proxy-surf || Proxy Surfing || Proxy Tap || Proxy Tastic || Proxy The Web || Proxy Through || Proxy Togo || Proxy Touch || Proxy Wave || Proxy Web || Proxy Website || Proxy WhipProxyz || Pruxy || Prxxy || Psurf || Pt Proxy || Public- Proxy || Pxy || Quiet ProxyR45 || Radio-farda || Rapid Proxy || Roach Host || Runarcade || Safe For WorkSafe Hazard || Sd9 || Secret Browse || Smart- Proxy || Smart Proxy || Smart Proxy || Sneak2 || Sneaky Proxy || Sneaky Surf || Sneaky User || Snoop Block || Snoop Block || Snoop Blocker || Snoop Blocker || Some Proxy || Song Today || Sonic Pig || Spiffy Proxy || Spysurfing || Stealth-ip || Stoptheblock || Student Proxy || Stupid Proxy || Surf-anon || Surfby Proxy || Sweet Proxy || Switch Proxy || Team Proxy || Tech Takeover || Teen Proxy || Tera Proxy || That Proxy || The Cgi Proxy || The Proxy || The Proxy Free || The Proxy Site || The Proxy Spot || The Web Tunnel || Tnt Proxy || Torify || Total Upload || Traceless || Unblock || Unblock My Space || Unbloxy || Undirect || Unipeak || United Email Systems || Urlencoded || Use Proxy || Virtual-browser || Vpntunnel || Vrijsurfen || Vtunnel || W3privacy || Want Proxy || Website Proxy || Webtools King || White Proxy || Wkccp || Work Browse || World Want || Xerohour || Xxx Proxy || Your-proxy || Your Proxy || Yours Domain

You can also you the FoxyProxy Firefox plugin and TOR to browse anonymously.
Google translate is also used to browse anonymously.

Here are some more proxy sites (Replace 1 with any number between 1 to 10)


February 5, 2007

How to unblock MySpace with a MySpace proxy

Unblock MySpaceOkay everyone seems to be emailing me about how to get to MySpace when it's being blocked. Or how do i unblock MySpace? Some are even saying that the proxy sites on this site don't work!

Once again if your school is blocking MySpace you have keep searching for a proxy site that works. When you find a proxy site it will ony work until your school's network administrator adds the proxy site to the filter list on your school's Websense software.

This site wasn't created to be a MySpace filter unblock list site. So I'm going to point everyone to a site that has a list of proxy sites.

The first site we're going to feature is How to unblock myspace dot net is a proxy topsites website. You can use these sites to find a proxy website that would work to unblock MySpace at your school.

 To find more sites like these do a search on Google....CLICK search for MySpace Proxy sites.


February 19, 2007

MySpace Proxy Sites - A list of MySpace Proxies

myspaceproxysites.gifWe are still getting compliants about links on this site not being able to unblock MySpace at various schools. This site was originally created to showcase websites with MySpace layouts, images and graphics. But we have slowly started to learn more about MySpace filters and how to unblock MySpace. So starting today, we will be on the look out for websites that can help you unblock MySpace or get around a myspace filter blocked website.

Today's site we will feature, is

MySpace Proxy Sites, is a top list site of MySpace Proxies. Try using this site or any other proxy top list site.

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