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May 17, 2006

How do I hide stuff on my myspace profile? Rob@Mygen has the answer


I saw this cool script on that allows you to hide waht ever part you want on your myspace profile.

The Rob has done a great job of sectioning off a myspace profile with clickable areas that gives you the code to hide that myspace section. If you need to hide certain parts of your myspace profile this is the page for you.

July 20, 2006

Free MySpace Layouts -


Are you looking for pre-made MySpace layouts froms your favorite band, actor, celebrity musicr artist. Then look no further than These layouts are free and organized by category. This MySpace layouts site also has generators, graphics and more! You can also enter your MySpace profile page into their Rate MySpace Profile section. They just launcehed it and you only need 20 votes to get on their MySpace Profile top page.

At this MySpace site you'll find:
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Graphics
MySpace Contact Tables
MySpace Online Now Icons

Visit to enhance your MySpace profile.

July 21, 2006

MySpace Layout stealer at


Seen a fancy profile you want? This tool will get you their code for your Myspace page! Try MySpace Layout stealer. In two simple steps, you can change your MySpace profile to look like someone elses. All you need is the MySpace username and the rest is cut and paste. Click here to start stealing or copying someone else's MySpace profile page.

Besides the cool MySpace profile stealer they have a bunch of other MySpace tools.
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Generators
MySpace Graphics
MySpace Codes
MySpace Bulletins
MySpace Surveys
MySpace Toolbar
MySpace Picture Rating

Can all be found at

July 23, 2006

Flashing, blinking, glitter MySpace Graphics at


Are you looking for some new glitter graphics? Cool blinking graphics or just some funny graphics? Then look no further than

At you can find fun graphics and Glitter Images for use in your websites, MySpace profiles, and more.

The more on this site really is more than just blinking graphics. This site also includes:
MySpace Glitter Images
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Contact Boxes
MySpace Online icons
MySpace Cursors
MySpace Doll Maker

July 28, 2006

Baby born on ticker and countdown graphics - at


Have you ever wanted a cool count down graphic for your MySpace profile page?
Take a look at what has:

Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker has a bunch of different backgrounds and themes for your countdown ticker. You can even add a picture of your special baby or child on the left of your ticker. wasn't made for but will work perfectly on your MySpace profile page. also has countdown themed tickers for:
Expecting Mothers
Baby & Kids Birthday
Anniversary / Vacation

July 29, 2006

MySpace Game codes for your MySpace profile

mycrunkspace.jpg has a section of MySpace game codes for you to place on your MySpace profile page. These flash games can be placed into your profile. Games such as snake, Simon Says, Asteriods, Duck Hunt, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pac Man, Blackjack and my favorite Hexxagon.

hexxagon_game.jpg has more than just MySpace games, this website includes:
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Codes
MySpace Generators
MySpace Graphics

But for me the easy to use MySpace game codes is the best part of the website.

August 15, 2006

MySpace layouts, graphics, images and codes for girls


Are you a girl who wants to pimp out her MySpace profile page. Are you looking for a sexy cool layouts., is a site that was created by girls and made for girls. Seems like they're still working on the site, but when it's done they hope to have the largest selection of Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Cursors, and Myspace Graphics for girls.

Girls this site is the premier site for all your girly myspace needs! :)

August 21, 2006

Free Myspace resources including a Myspace layout stealer

dodank.jpg has free MySpace resources for your MySpace profile. Thay have a MySpace layout generator that can generate full layouts for your MySpace profile. also has a Myspace layout stealer so you can copy someone else's MySpace profile. So when you see someone else's MySpace profile that you like use MySpace layout stealer to pimp out your page. The instructions for the MySpace layout stealer were very easy to follow. Here are the simple instructions.

To steal someone else's Myspace layout, enter their MySpace friend ID into the box below and press the 'Steal Layout' button. To get someone's MySpace friend ID, look at the address bar when you are viewing their profile. The friend ID will be in there and just copy the number. If you don't see the friend ID, click on their profile image and then look at the address bar. It should be there.

To install the MySpace layout, copy and paste the code in the box above to the About Me section of your profile. Then click preview and then click submit. Make sure you remove any existing MySpace layout before you install a new one.

WARNING: Some MySpace layouts are harder to steal than others. If you are stealing an already sloppy layout, you will receive a more sloppy one. To get the best results, steal only the clean MySpace layouts.

CLICK HERE FOR THE MYSPACE LAYOUT STEALER also has a video code generator so you can add videos to your Myspace profile.

August 22, 2006

MySpace codes, generators, and layouts at

skize.jpg describes itself as the place for everything MySpace related, and more! And after viewing the site we have to agree. had two new features MySpace layout stealer and MySpace glitter graphics which has 14 different glitter graphics to choose from. also has:
MySpace graphics
MySpace generators
MySpace layouts
MySpace tweaks
MySpace codes

August 23, 2006

Hookers on MySpace? Thats right, but these hookers have MySpace codes and graphics

myspacehooker.jpg has a bunch of cool online now graphics for your MySpace profile.

Another unique feature at is the MySpace falling objects generator.
You can type in your text or symbol and also have your own images create a MySpace falling code.

August 27, 2006

Doobix - A Place For MySpace Profile Improvement

doobix.jpg tag line says "A Place For Profile Improvement", and on this site you'll find tools to Myspace Layouts, Myspace Backgrounds, Codes, Generators, Animations, Glitter Words, Glitter Graphics, Myspace Layout Tools, Layouts Tips and Tricks.

The one thing that really impressed me with the site is the large number of MySpace comment graphics that they have. The total number or MySpace graphics says they have 10,822 as of August 25th, 2006.

We'll definitely need to check back on this site at a later date, but for now if you're looking for:
Myspace Layouts
Myspace Backgrounds
Glitter Words
Glitter Graphics
Myspace Layout Tools
Layouts Tips and Tricks is a great site for you.

August 28, 2006

MySpace online now icons at

killerkiwi.jpg has MySpace views counters, layout snatcher, MySpace glitter word generator, graphics and contact tables. also has a large selection of MySpace online now icons.

Remember the domain name is not will take you to some bogus MySpace layout site.

Take a look below at some of their MySpace online now icons:


August 30, 2006

MySpace backgrounds and layouts at

myspacegrill.jpg has MySpace backgrounds and layouts for your MySpace profile pages. They also have MySpace generators for backgrounds and layouts. You can upload your own image and create your own background images with their generator.

September 2, 2006

MySpace profile page layouts


At we have lots of cool Premade MySpace Layouts for you to check out. Whatever your interest or style, you are certain to find something to make your profile stand out - from plain and clean, to bright and brash. Just browse around the site, select the layout you want and copy the HTML code into your profile. When we're not playing outside in the lovely summer weather, we are busy working on some nice new layouts which will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Below is a list of layouts you'll find at

MySpace Layouts
Red Layouts
Orange Layouts
Yellow Layouts
Pink Layouts
Blue Layouts
Green Layouts
Black Layouts
White Layouts
Music Layouts
Dark Layouts
Gothic Layouts
Sports Layouts
Glitter Layouts
Cute Layouts
Abercrombie Layouts
Simple Layouts
Layout Grabber
Celebrity Layouts

September 4, 2006

Free MySpace layouts, graphics, backgrounds, icons and more!

profilemix.jpg is in the house to provide you with the hottest Free Myspace Layouts, Free Myspace Graphics, Myspace Backgrounds, Myspace Background Codes, Myspace Icons, Myspace Codes, Myspace Videos, Myspace comments and a lot more! Our site is updated daily with new cool myspace stuff, codes, graphics, animations, pictures, videos and more! has a great flash scroll message board for you to use on your friends comments.
Make your own custom scroller sign at!

September 19, 2006

MySpace layouts and codes


Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Generators, Myspace Tweaks, Myspace Backgrounds and Myspace Graphics at

Grab the latest "Free Backgrounds" for your MySpace profile. We constantly update this section bringing you the best backrounds, for free. All are compatible with our Bolt-On Accessories. - Myspace Backgrounds

See our huge online directory of MySpace generators. Completely automated. Just find the one you like, add some basic details and copy and paste into your profile - MySpace Generators
Customize your entire profile with our pre-made MySpace layouts. Easy to use, and updated regularly. Works with all of our bolt on accessories, mp3 player, video player etc - MYSPACE LAYOUTS
Codes to pimp up your profile, change the way your profile looks and performs. Huge online archive. Add free music, videos, and much more. - MYSPACE CODES
Want to customize your friends list? Then use our top 4,6,8,10 and 12 friends generator. Its free and easy to use. Show that you care, get one now ! - MYSPACE TOP 4-12

September 26, 2006

MySpace layouts and more at


MySpace Layouts available on
MySpace 3D Layouts
MySpace Abstract Layouts
MySpace Animal Layouts
MySpace Cartoon Layouts
MySpace Car Layouts
MySpace Flower Layouts
MySpace Girly Layouts
MySpace Guy Layouts
MySpace Heart Layouts
MySpace Singer Layouts
MySpace Movie Layout also has a ton of other MySpace codes, images, graphics and more. Below is a small sample of what you can find on
MySpace Generators
* Falling Text Generator
* Glitter Word Generator
* Comment Box Generator
* Ext. Network Graphic
* Link Generator
* Custom Nav Bar
* Scrolling Text

MySpace Animations
* Glitter Graphics
* Glitter Words
* Thanks for the Add
* Characters

MySpace Graphics
* MySpace Backgrounds
* Contact Tables
* Ext. Network Banners
* Dividers
* Icons
* Logos

September 30, 2006

Get your own MySpace glitter images


Have you ever wanted to create your own MySpace glitter image or graphic? But you don't have any software or an idea of how you would create a MySpace glitter graphic.

We found the solution to create your very own MySpace Glitter images at has a Glitter Text Generator.

Below is the simple instructions to create your glitter graphic images.
"If you have a myspace, friendster, xanga, livejournal or other profile, you may be interested in adding some glitter text to your profile page, comments, bulletins, friends messages or even a blog. To get started, click a glitter image below that you like and a little box will appear around it. You then type your text into the text area below and it should update a live preview on the page for you, depending on what internet browser you are using. You then click generate code and the code will drop down ready for you to copy into your profile."

Below is a sample of what type of glitter fonts you can use to create your MySpace graphics:

Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Style 5 Style 6 Style 7
Style 8 Style 9 Style 10 Style 11 Style 12 Style 13 Style 14

Visit today to create your own MySpace glitter image graphics.

October 3, 2006

MySpace layouts, codes, and generators

copypastespace.jpg is a place for your MySpace needs. Below is a list of MySpace tools that you'll find at

Emo Text for MySpace
Create your own myspace emo text for your profile.

Profile Editor
The only way to get a sweet looking MySpace profile.

Comment Box
A comment box on the front page of your MySpace profile.

Background Generator
Create your very own original background.

Friend Adder
Get thousands of friend additions using the Whore Me Bulletin.

Contact Tables
Customise your contact box section of your MySpace profile.

Online Now Icon Buttons
Generate your own Online Now button code.

Overlapping Text
This is a great text affect achieved through Cascading Style Sheets.

Scrollbar Colours
CSS coloured scrollbar. Blend the main scrollbar with your profile.

Extended Network
Get rid of the hideous standard extended network banner.

Falling Objects
Make objects fall all over your profile. Anything you want!

Navigation Bar
Generate your own top Navigation Bar. With your own links!

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