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May 15, 2006

College background layouts for myspace


Current students, future students, or Alumni?! Well then you better be displaying your passion on Myspace! Myspace Layout Sites has college background layouts.

They have a bunch of schools to choose from or if your school is not on the list you can contact them and they'll make it for you. Visit

July 20, 2006

Free MySpace Layouts -


Are you looking for pre-made MySpace layouts froms your favorite band, actor, celebrity musicr artist. Then look no further than These layouts are free and organized by category. This MySpace layouts site also has generators, graphics and more! You can also enter your MySpace profile page into their Rate MySpace Profile section. They just launcehed it and you only need 20 votes to get on their MySpace Profile top page.

At this MySpace site you'll find:
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Graphics
MySpace Contact Tables
MySpace Online Now Icons

Visit to enhance your MySpace profile.

July 21, 2006

MySpace Layout stealer at


Seen a fancy profile you want? This tool will get you their code for your Myspace page! Try MySpace Layout stealer. In two simple steps, you can change your MySpace profile to look like someone elses. All you need is the MySpace username and the rest is cut and paste. Click here to start stealing or copying someone else's MySpace profile page.

Besides the cool MySpace profile stealer they have a bunch of other MySpace tools.
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Generators
MySpace Graphics
MySpace Codes
MySpace Bulletins
MySpace Surveys
MySpace Toolbar
MySpace Picture Rating

Can all be found at

July 23, 2006

Flashing, blinking, glitter MySpace Graphics at


Are you looking for some new glitter graphics? Cool blinking graphics or just some funny graphics? Then look no further than

At you can find fun graphics and Glitter Images for use in your websites, MySpace profiles, and more.

The more on this site really is more than just blinking graphics. This site also includes:
MySpace Glitter Images
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Contact Boxes
MySpace Online icons
MySpace Cursors
MySpace Doll Maker

July 25, 2006

Glitter welcome text and sentences for your MySpace page

bigoo.jpg has "Welcome" text graphics for your MySpace profile. Besides having glitter graphics, also has other great graphics for you to use.

July 26, 2006

Dress up your MySpace profile page with


Dress up your MySpace profile page with comment greetings, cursor codes, glitter generators, layouts and graphics. has a ton of graphics for girls. Not much there for the manly man.

August 15, 2006

MySpace layouts, graphics, images and codes for girls


Are you a girl who wants to pimp out her MySpace profile page. Are you looking for a sexy cool layouts., is a site that was created by girls and made for girls. Seems like they're still working on the site, but when it's done they hope to have the largest selection of Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Cursors, and Myspace Graphics for girls.

Girls this site is the premier site for all your girly myspace needs! :)

August 22, 2006

MySpace codes, generators, and layouts at

skize.jpg describes itself as the place for everything MySpace related, and more! And after viewing the site we have to agree. had two new features MySpace layout stealer and MySpace glitter graphics which has 14 different glitter graphics to choose from. also has:
MySpace graphics
MySpace generators
MySpace layouts
MySpace tweaks
MySpace codes

August 23, 2006

Hookers on MySpace? Thats right, but these hookers have MySpace codes and graphics

myspacehooker.jpg has a bunch of cool online now graphics for your MySpace profile.

Another unique feature at is the MySpace falling objects generator.
You can type in your text or symbol and also have your own images create a MySpace falling code.

August 27, 2006

Doobix - A Place For MySpace Profile Improvement

doobix.jpg tag line says "A Place For Profile Improvement", and on this site you'll find tools to Myspace Layouts, Myspace Backgrounds, Codes, Generators, Animations, Glitter Words, Glitter Graphics, Myspace Layout Tools, Layouts Tips and Tricks.

The one thing that really impressed me with the site is the large number of MySpace comment graphics that they have. The total number or MySpace graphics says they have 10,822 as of August 25th, 2006.

We'll definitely need to check back on this site at a later date, but for now if you're looking for:
Myspace Layouts
Myspace Backgrounds
Glitter Words
Glitter Graphics
Myspace Layout Tools
Layouts Tips and Tricks is a great site for you.

August 28, 2006

MySpace online now icons at

killerkiwi.jpg has MySpace views counters, layout snatcher, MySpace glitter word generator, graphics and contact tables. also has a large selection of MySpace online now icons.

Remember the domain name is not will take you to some bogus MySpace layout site.

Take a look below at some of their MySpace online now icons:


August 29, 2006

MySpace Layouts and more MySpace stuff


On you will find the best backgrounds, layouts, editors, and code creators. They have everything you need to make your profile ROCK!

There latest update to their site was on 8-16-06
Hey Myspacers. Sorry it has been so long since we added new features, but beleive me it will be worth it. We are putting the finishing touches on a new site that will feature over 50,000 backgrounds and 100,000 layouts. The new site will also have some new tools that you can't find anywhere else. So please check back often and we will let everyone know when the new site is live. Later!

Here is a sampling of what's available on
MySpace layout creator
MySpace profile editor
MySpace Backgrounds
MySpace layouts
Glitter graphics
MySpace profile counters
MySpace games
MySpace icons
MySpace tweaks
MySpace codes
MySpace contact tables

According to their site they even gave away an ipod.

August 30, 2006

MySpace backgrounds and layouts at

myspacegrill.jpg has MySpace backgrounds and layouts for your MySpace profile pages. They also have MySpace generators for backgrounds and layouts. You can upload your own image and create your own background images with their generator.

August 31, 2006

Everything you need to customize your MySpace profile page


Are you looking for MySpace comment tags? has a MySpace comment tag perfect for you. has these types of comment tags:


Thanks for the Add, Welcome, Hello!, Days of the Week, I Love You, Happy Birthday

This site has so much to offer, have to atleast take a look at for your MySpace profile page.

September 2, 2006

MySpace profile page layouts


At we have lots of cool Premade MySpace Layouts for you to check out. Whatever your interest or style, you are certain to find something to make your profile stand out - from plain and clean, to bright and brash. Just browse around the site, select the layout you want and copy the HTML code into your profile. When we're not playing outside in the lovely summer weather, we are busy working on some nice new layouts which will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Below is a list of layouts you'll find at

MySpace Layouts
Red Layouts
Orange Layouts
Yellow Layouts
Pink Layouts
Blue Layouts
Green Layouts
Black Layouts
White Layouts
Music Layouts
Dark Layouts
Gothic Layouts
Sports Layouts
Glitter Layouts
Cute Layouts
Abercrombie Layouts
Simple Layouts
Layout Grabber
Celebrity Layouts

September 4, 2006

Free MySpace layouts, graphics, backgrounds, icons and more!

profilemix.jpg is in the house to provide you with the hottest Free Myspace Layouts, Free Myspace Graphics, Myspace Backgrounds, Myspace Background Codes, Myspace Icons, Myspace Codes, Myspace Videos, Myspace comments and a lot more! Our site is updated daily with new cool myspace stuff, codes, graphics, animations, pictures, videos and more! has a great flash scroll message board for you to use on your friends comments.
Make your own custom scroller sign at!

September 5, 2006

MySpace Layouts, glitter images and more

myspacesupport.jpg has a bunch of MySpace profile layouts:

Abercrombie Layouts
Abstract & Random Layouts
Animal Layouts
Animated Background
Brand Name Layouts
Candy & Food Layouts
Cars & Vehicles
Cartoon Layouts
Checkered & Boxed Layouts
Clean Style Layouts
Diagonal Striped Layouts
Flowered Layouts
Gradient Layouts
Grungy Layouts
Heart Layouts
Holiday Layouts
Icon Layouts
Left Sided Layouts
Movie Layouts
Musician Layouts
Name Layouts
Plain Layouts
Polka Dot Layouts
Premium Layouts
Quotes Layouts
Retro Layouts
Sports Layouts
Stars Layouts
Stripes / Plaid Layouts
Swirlies Layouts
Tiny & Mini Layouts
Two-Color Layouts

Besides MySpace layouts MySpace Support also has MySpace graphics.
Here's a sampleMySpace Glitter graphics:
MySpace Layouts

Be sure to visit for all your MySpace layout needs or for some MySpace Glitter graphic images.

September 8, 2006

Over 600 MySpace Layouts for you to choose from


Groovy Machine is a site dedicated to give you the best tools to customize your Myspace profile the way you want.

Myspace Layouts categories:
Female Celebrities
Male Celebrities

September 9, 2006

2,000 MySpace Layouts to choose from

pimpmyprofile.jpg has almost 2,000 MySpace profile page layouts for you to choose from. Choose a layout from these categories:
Top Layouts / Anime/Manga (122) / Artistic (137) / Automotive (70) / Bands & Artists (218) / Basic Colors (93) / Celebrities (115) / Clean & Simple (47) / Dark & Dirty (156) / Girly (317) / Holidays (8) / Movies & TV (153) / Nature (100) / Other (280) / Sports (124)

September 10, 2006

MySpace cartoon layouts

myspaceplease.jpg has added new MySpace cartoon layouts for your MySpace pages.
Below is an excerpt of their what's new section.
Some more Cartoon MySpace Layouts have been added to our vast collection of high quality MySpace Layouts! Check out new Zelda MySpace Layouts, Futurama MySpace Layouts, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Layouts!

September 19, 2006

MySpace layouts and codes


Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Generators, Myspace Tweaks, Myspace Backgrounds and Myspace Graphics at

Grab the latest "Free Backgrounds" for your MySpace profile. We constantly update this section bringing you the best backrounds, for free. All are compatible with our Bolt-On Accessories. - Myspace Backgrounds

See our huge online directory of MySpace generators. Completely automated. Just find the one you like, add some basic details and copy and paste into your profile - MySpace Generators
Customize your entire profile with our pre-made MySpace layouts. Easy to use, and updated regularly. Works with all of our bolt on accessories, mp3 player, video player etc - MYSPACE LAYOUTS
Codes to pimp up your profile, change the way your profile looks and performs. Huge online archive. Add free music, videos, and much more. - MYSPACE CODES
Want to customize your friends list? Then use our top 4,6,8,10 and 12 friends generator. Its free and easy to use. Show that you care, get one now ! - MYSPACE TOP 4-12

October 9, 2006

More MySpace Halloween images, graphics and layouts

freecodesource_halloween.jpg has just updated thier MySpace Halloween graphics and images section. Be sure to check out these new MySpace Halloween images and graphics.

Halloween Graphics:
105 MySpace Halloween Animated Graphics
85 MySpace Halloween Animations
10 MySpace Halloween Banners perfect for MySpace Halloween comments
9 MySpace Halloween Dividers
23 MySpace Halloween Glitter Graphics
5 MySpace Halloween Icons
93 MySpace Halloween Non-Animated Graphics
22 MySpace Halloween Posters

Once again be sure to visit for a great list of MySpace Halloween images and graphics.

We found a nice MySpace layout at


According to they offer myspace halloween graphics, myspace halloween glitter graphics, myspace halloween images codes, myspace halloween images, myspace halloween graphics codes

They did have some background graphics that might help decorate your MySpace page for Halloween.


October 15, 2006

The best MySpace Halloween layouts, images, and graphic site

 halloweenjoys.jpg is by far the best Halloween layout, graphics and image site. This Halloween MySpace site has the largest selection of codes. This is a MySpace site just for your Halloween themed profile pages.


Be sure to visit to start changing your MySpace profile pages. 

October 17, 2006

MySpace college football and basketball layouts amd backgrounds

myspacebrand.jpg is a great MySpace layout and background site. Click on Colleges or Sports teams below to find your schools football or basketball team graphics.

MySpace Pre-Made Layouts


October 19, 2006

The site with the most MySpace Halloween layouts, images and graphics has got to be the best Halloween MySpace website. has a very large section of Halloween images, contact tables, icons, layouts, backgrounds, comment tags and a Halloween present.

Present a Free Myspace Halloween Gift Box to your friends and relatives

On Halloween day this gift box will open

Each gift box will have a different kind of gift, but the gift won't be exposed until Halloween day!

Choose your gift box below to add it on your friends comment.

You may add one gift box or all 10 gift boxes!


Halloween Gift Box

Present a Free Myspace Halloween Gift Box to your friends and relatives

On Halloween day this gift box will open
and show the gift



Besides the cool MySpace Halloween box, below are a few examples of the great Halloween MySpace images, graphics and lyouts theat has.

Halloween Icons


Halloween Myspace Extended Network Banner

Halloween Falling Objects

Halloween Online Now Icon

Halloween Cursors


Myspace Halloween Layouts




Halloween Graphic Codes


Myspace Halloween Contact Tables


Once again folks don't waste your time looking at other sites, just visit for your Halloween MySpace needs.


October 23, 2006

Sexy MySpace Layouts

Sexy girls MySpace layouts from

Click To GET MySpace Codes


Click To GET MySpace Codes


Click To GET MySpace Codes


Click To GET MySpace Codes has soemof the sexiest layouts we've seen be sure to to check out all their layouts and backgrounds. Of course the have hot guys as well.



October 29, 2006

Top rated MySpace layouts from


More Top rated MySpace layouts from

Myspace Layouts  - 2020 Pre-made Myspace Layouts
Jim Jones Myspace Background
Pretty Purple Myspace Background
Kirk Franklin Myspace Background
Avatar The Last Airbender Myspace Background
Flower Rush Myspace Background
BBC Running Dog Myspace Background
Colossus Myspace Background
Marias Myspace Background
Ursula Mayes Myspace Background
Dots N Knots Myspace Background
Gwen Stefani  Myspace Background
Simple Plan Myspace Background
G-Unit Myspace Background
Mario Myspace Background
Kirk Franklin Myspace Background

November 1, 2006

NBA Basketball MySpace layouts

Show your team pride on your MySpace page with MySpace layouts and backgrounds from

nba myspace layouts 

nba myspace layout 
nba myspace layouts 
nba myspace layout 
Home | 2nd Page


November 8, 2006

MySpace Top 50 Background Layouts


We found Top 50 MySpace background layouts at has a larget selection of the newest and hottest MySpace layouts.

Here is the current Top 50 MySpace Layouts:

1.   Lil Wayne myspace layouts 1551
2.   Chris Brown myspace layouts 1224
3.   Bob Marley myspace layouts 1144
4.   Underoath myspace layouts 1031
5.   Led Zeppelin myspace layouts 965
6.   Bullet For My Valentine myspace layouts 925
7.   Tool myspace layouts 897
8.   Pink Floyd myspace layouts 857
9.   Nirvana myspace layouts 824
10.   Disturbed myspace layouts 800
11.   Blink 182 myspace layouts 786
12.   Jimi Hendrix myspace layouts 746
13.   My Chemical Romance myspace layouts 745
14.   Him myspace layouts 745
15.   Evanescence myspace layouts 729
16.   Metallica myspace layouts 685
17.   Korn myspace layouts 671
18.   Tupac Shakur myspace layouts 653
19.   T.i. myspace layouts 647
20.   Slipknot myspace layouts 633
21.   Lamb Of God myspace layouts 627
22.   Breaking Benjamin myspace layouts 545
23.   Pantera myspace layouts 537
24.   Chiodos myspace layouts 526
25.   Red Jumpsuit Apparatus myspace layouts 486
26.   Deftones myspace layouts 474
27.   Children Of Bodom myspace layouts 463
28.   Misfits myspace layouts 453
29.   As I Lay Dying myspace layouts 449
30.   Hinder myspace layouts 433
31.   Kottonmouth Kings myspace layouts 430
32.   Diplomats myspace layouts 417
33.   Dipset myspace layouts 416
34.   Avenged Sevenfold myspace layouts 411
35.   Daddy Yankee myspace layouts 397
36.   Kiss myspace layouts 396
37.   Johnny Cash myspace layouts 395
38.   Rise Against myspace layouts 393
39.   Ac/dc myspace layouts 392
40.   Red Hot Chili Peppers myspace layouts 388
41.   Killers myspace layouts 377
42.   Taking Back Sunday myspace layouts 364
43.   Corps myspace layouts 356
44.   Barbie myspace layouts 348
45.   Three Days Grace myspace layouts 345
46.   Justin Timberlake myspace layouts 340
47.   Rbd myspace layouts 338
48.   Rammstein myspace layouts 336
49.   Cradle Of Filth myspace layouts 331
50.   Pretty Ricky myspace layouts 330

Be sure to visit for your MySpace background layouts.

November 24, 2006

College football MySpace layouts and backgrounds

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. College football is almost wrapping up and bowl games just around the corner. We search for some college football layouts and backgrounds so everyone can get into the their school spirit. We found some great MySpace backgrounds and layouts at


Premade Myspace NCAA College Layouts also has a great selection of NFL football MySpace layouts and backgrounds.




November 30, 2006

MySpace Christmas layouts and graphics has loaded their site with a bunch of MySpace Christmas graphics. This site has it all MySpace Christmas backgrounds, MySpace Christmas banner, MySpace Christmas clip art (perfect for MySpace Christmas comments),  MySpace Christmas cursors, MySpace Christmas countdown counters, and MySpace Christmas glitter graphics. Be sure to visit for all your Chritmas MySpace images and graphics.


Myspace Layouts

Online Now


December 3, 2006

MySpace Christmas layouts and more!

Great Christmas layouts from

Free Myspace Fun: Christmas



January 2, 2007

NBA Basketball images and layouts

It's a new year and basketball season is in full swing. We found some great basketball images on


MySpace NBA Basketball Image Use:
Use the images below to post nba basketball images on your site or on other member's comment section. Click on the image that you would like to generate the HTML code for.



 Be sure to visit for all your MySpace needs.

February 1, 2007

MySpace Valentine's Day Layouts

 With Valentine's Day coming up soon, we found some great Valentine's Day graphics, layouts and images.

The first site we found was is the premier source for myspace codes, myspace layouts, myspace editor, myspace graphics, free flash toys, tools and everything you need to customize myspace profile for Valentine's Day.

Myspace Valentine's Day Codes

Myspace Valentine's Day Contact Tables


Myspace Valentine's Day Graphics

Myspace Valentine's Day Graphic Codes


Myspace Valentine's Day Extended Network Banner


Valentine's Day Falling Objects



Valentine's Day Online Now Icon



Valentine's Day Cursors




Myspace Valentine's Day Layouts



Myspace Icons

Be sure to visit for your MySpace Valentine's Day graphics, layouts, images, icons and more. 


September 16, 2007

Personalize your MySpace Profile and Layout with Beautiful Backgrounds! has a very cool tool to create your own MySpace layout. The tool allows you to preview how the image you selected will look on your website.

 Here are some sample previews

Featured Layouts

What is a good combination to create a great layout? Check out these examples.

view more featured layouts »


See what other MySpace users have created using our layout editor!



view more users layouts »


October 9, 2007

MySpace on YouTube

We're looking for MySpace layout sites or MySpace how to pimp out your profile on YouTube. Here is what we found.

About MySpace Backgrounds

This page contains an archive of all entries posted to MySpace Layout, Graphics, Video, Photo sites in the MySpace Backgrounds category. They are listed from oldest to newest.

MySpace Bots is the next category.

Many more can be found on the main index page or by looking through the archives.


More MySpace

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