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Personalize your MySpace Profile and Layout with Beautiful Backgrounds!


Coolchaser.com has a very cool tool to create your own MySpace layout. The tool allows you to preview how the image you selected will look on your website.

 Here are some sample previews

Featured Layouts

What is a good combination to create a great layout? Check out these examples.

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See what other MySpace users have created using our layout editor!



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i love it

These beautiful background was so tremendous and so nice, I want to use this for my homepage. How can I use?

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Thanks for sharing the pictures.They are really very nice for back ground image.

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I think muspace has changed the version of it while using it in a phone.I was totally disappointed.





sorry there is no more customizing pohots on myspace ,but if you want to do the same effect as you did before ,just go on photobucket. its almost exactly the same but a little better.

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