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MySpace Proxy Sites - A list of MySpace Proxies

myspaceproxysites.gifWe are still getting compliants about links on this site not being able to unblock MySpace at various schools. This site was originally created to showcase websites with MySpace layouts, images and graphics. But we have slowly started to learn more about MySpace filters and how to unblock MySpace. So starting today, we will be on the look out for websites that can help you unblock MySpace or get around a myspace filter blocked website.

Today's site we will feature, is MySpaceProxySites.com.

MySpace Proxy Sites, is a top list site of MySpace Proxies. Try using this site or any other proxy top list site.


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hey what proxy can i use that schools cant block
it is very important and i wont tell anyone
not even my girlfriend

man i swear 2 god brah yall be lien yall suppose 2 be exscapes 2 get on myspace is blocked 2 u lien bastards

ok heres a one stop solution to access myspace..

presening pagemod secure ssl cgi proxies..

one of the few cgi proxies working.

supports a range of sites like myspace bebo youtube etc.

the best thing is tht they have quick email support and send their new domains twice in a week. there latest domain is


just signup for their domain newsletter and ur unblocked for ever

just write to them with ur problems at report@pagemod.com. they ll come up with a solution

hey is any girl or guy single out there

Hi, Thanks, for the nice list, it is really very informative and very helpful for my future. I really appreciate it. Keep post regularly.

my proxies arent workin at school anmore i need some help need more websites

RadarportalOctober 18, 2011 Ib4ve tried many proxy supplier bferoe and I have to mention, that Squid Proxies are by far the best. The proxies are fast like hell (OK, other suppliers offer fast proxies too). But the most important thing is the outstanding support. Ib4ve never waited longer than a few hours for response in case of a problem. And this guys are pretty cool if you run into problems. Changed my proxys without any problems as I asked. I use them for Scrapebox, SEnukeX and Zennoposter without any problems they work like charm! Last but not least: unbeatable price..

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