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How to unblock MySpace with a MySpace proxy

Unblock MySpaceOkay everyone seems to be emailing me about how to get to MySpace when it's being blocked. Or how do i unblock MySpace? Some are even saying that the proxy sites on this site don't work!

Once again if your school is blocking MySpace you have keep searching for a proxy site that works. When you find a proxy site it will ony work until your school's network administrator adds the proxy site to the filter list on your school's Websense software.

This site wasn't created to be a MySpace filter unblock list site. So I'm going to point everyone to a site that has a list of proxy sites.

The first site we're going to feature is HowToUnblockMySpace.net. How to unblock myspace dot net is a proxy topsites website. You can use these sites to find a proxy website that would work to unblock MySpace at your school.

 To find more sites like these do a search on Google....CLICK HERE...to search for MySpace Proxy sites.



can you do something!......they are blockin every way to get on myspace....is there any why you kno how to get on,......one that they cant block?............thank you

help me unlock myspace please..............they even blocked it at the library and i use it for good purposes like talking to my friends that i haven't seen for a long time help me please!!!!

*New Proxy Servers for myspace !

Updated on 02.13.2007 working proxies for myspace:

(new dedicated server, unblock myspace easy, CGI proxy, free anonymous browsing)


http://www.hidemyway.com/prox -working to access and login into myspace profile, best proxy




NEW Proxy domains added every week, stay tuned !

I went to every link that You had and none of them worked♥ so can u please try and find some more

none of these work, they all get blocked, someone should come up with a web-site that can't be blocked. Put a age protection on it or something.


hey, the school is blocking all of the proxies on the web! is there another way to get through???


OMG! i have no 6th period and have 2 sit in the school library for 45 min!! bored out of my mind. my friend knows a way into mysoace from the school computer but she is not here 2day! i really need some help!

hye y you guys had to block myspace i have lots of friends dat i havent seen in the longest i really need this thing unblocked


here is an wed site 4 u www.hidebehid.net

they need 2 update us n the new proxies

on our myspaces or sum how

this site worked 4 me www.myspy.us

help us unblock myspace so we can talk to our friends

You can try these 50 proxies here, they always work for me:


You Can use the PROXY site to access any website you wish, it worked at my school for about a week maybe it will get you a week at your school,


Have fun ^.^

it doesnt seem to be working how do yu think yu could use it wich one wuld be better

it doesnt seem to be working how do yu think yu could use it wich one wuld be better

how to get myspace.com

well i used dat http://s1.iphide.com/ and it work`d fo a while. but chyea, deese websites here aint workin or dey will let you on da website but u cant get 2 myspace....so can yall please do suttin...

none of those proxies work. and i am sooooo bored. anyone have a brand new one?

i've been trying all your websites and guess what... they even block the websites that even try to bypass security.... i need a way, a website that wont be blocked by these people. thax.

i need a site to unblock myspace

i think its gay that they block myspace dont they kno that we'll end up hackin in to it LOSERS!!!


NONE OF THIZZ SH!!T WORKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAT THE FUK.....

try the link I posted if it doesn't work go 2 google and type
"f6221.exe download"

if that doesn't work then **** trying 2 bypass stuff

option 2:
go 2 google and type

surrogafier pranavaj

click on the first link, but 2 log in 2 websites like myspace.com bebo and and myghetto click on the bottom 2 boxes that say encrypt cookies and encrypt url's before clicking go......:)

yeah i know,wtf...i can't get on myspace...plz...someone gimme a link to a site that works...i'll be greatful...

none work pleazzz give me one that is not blocked I will B soooooo grateful!!!!

new proxy here. just started today!

wut up foo

how to unlock myspace?

can you please find a code that will help us get into myspace is not working i was talking to my grandma and my grandpa that almost passed away can u help me out here ...we need to find out how are family are doing !!!
we haven't heard from them in along as min...

u guys arnt a very good website

iight well it still aint workn for me. i come to skewl every day and i have word prosing 1st period and im allway seaching for a way to unblock myspace i did find one website ( rdkz.com) i recoumed for people to try that. but when ever my skewl goes thro and looks to see what wev been one they find out the procky website and block it. NOT KEWL.so if any one has a good prockys website, plz tell me

I need help! my mom blocked myspace from my computer cant you just tell me how to unblock it without a proxy site?! All I want is to look at myspace!! please help me!


yeah this site is gay as everything yall help me how non at all what so ever we need proxies and u have some weak a** sites that dont work make new ones NOW!!!!!!!!!

i need workin proxys please

Their aint no websites that unblck myspace anymore the have taken over everything

wwow! is this really whats going on or is it a dream? myspace being blocked at school?! are you kidding me!?!?!?! PLEASE HELP US find a website that can unblock myspace.

how to unblock myspace??

i need sign in cuz my lecturer already send their advanced to me.

they block all the proxy site!

www.2012.ws works

trust me

okay....this shit is gay none of it works why do u even have a websiteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ok heres a one stop solution to access myspace..

presening pagemod secure ssl cgi proxies..

one of the few cgi proxies working.

supports a range of sites like myspace bebo youtube etc.

the best thing is tht they have quick email support and send their new domains twice in a week. there latest domain is


just signup for their domain newsletter and ur unblocked for ever

i need help with my myspace. i cant change my layout..im doing everything right why wont it work? can you help me please?

great free proxy works at my school!

gggggrrrrrrrr......... proxys dnt work at my school is der another way i could get on myspace. plzzzzzz help

HI I want to somebody help me unblocked my email from myspace?

dammmm this shit is wak because i cant figure out how to get on myspace dose any body know any proxy servers or web sites

alright guy schools are using a new programe called "8e6 tech." i've shut down there systems befor and im trying to find an easier way to by pass anyone that has the smallest clue on wat theyre doing and isnt afraid to get caught get on a fuck shit up and let me know what you found and ill see if i can work with it

hit my email with any info you guys get steven.badger@hotmail

my school blocked my space i need help

My school has just about every proxy blocked and the people that know how to get around them dont want to give out the proxy because people keep getting them blocked.. any help

That's great! I would recommend getting domains that have no proxy related content in it. Some examples of proxy related keywords are bypass, unfilter, unblock, myspace, facebook etc. These domains gets blocked very easily by web filters. You may not need a vps to have 5 proxies, it really depends on how much traffic and server resources your proxies are using. You may like to check out unmetered proxy server usage here. They offer unmetered usage of RAM and CPU resources and I believe they can do that because they do not oversell their bandwidth or plans. If you are in on a tight budget, I would recommend them instead of getting a vps. Until you are getting like 10k visitors a day then I would recommend going for a vps.

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