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November 1, 2006

NBA Basketball MySpace layouts

Show your team pride on your MySpace page with MySpace layouts and backgrounds from ProfileLayout.com

nba myspace layouts 

nba myspace layout 
nba myspace layouts 
nba myspace layout 
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November 2, 2006

MySpace Thanksgiving Images, Graphics and Layouts

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and we thought we start looking for some cool Thanksgiving MySpace images, graphics, layouts, and backgrounds. We found some great Thanksgiving MySpace codes at a site called ThanksgivingJoys.com. Here is a sampling of what can be found there.

Myspace Thanksgiving Day Backgrounds
Myspace Thanksgiving Day Cliparts
Thanksgiving Day Coloring Pages
Use this beautiful Myspace Thanksgiving Day backgrounds in your myspace pages ....
Download these free thanksgiving day cliparts and use them in your myspace pages ...
Download these beautiful thanksgiving day coloring pages to color and present it to your dear ones ...

Backgrounds Clipart Coloring Pages

Myspace Thanksgiving Contact Tables
Myspace Thanksgiving Cursors
Myspace Thanksgiving Dividers
Use this beautiful Myspace Thanksgiving Day contact tables in your myspace pages ....
Use this beautiful Myspace Thanksgiving Day mouse cursors in your myspace pages ....
Use this beautiful Myspace Thanksgiving Day page dividers in your myspace pages ....

Contact Tables Cursors Dividers

Thanksgiving Ecards and Greetings
Myspace Thanksgiving Flash Movies
Myspace Thanksgiving Day Fonts
Lots of lovely Thanksgiving Day ecards. They are free to be send to your near and dear ones ....
Use these Thanksgiving Day Myspace Flash Movies in your myspace pages or send them to your dear ones ....
Lots of lovely myspace Thanksgiving Day fonts for you to use on your pages, its free to download ....

Ecards Flash Movies Fonts

Thanksgiving Day Myspace Funny Pictures
Myspace Thanksgiving Day Online Flash Games
Myspace Thanksgiving Day Graphics
Laugh a little with these Thanksgiving Day Myspace Funny Pictures and send them to your loved ones ....
Play some free online flash games with your loved ones on the Thanksgiving  Day ....
Lots of Thanksgiving Day myspace graphics, download free and use them in your pages....

Funny Pictures Games Graphics

Thanksgiving Day Myspace Icons
Myspace Thanksgiving Day Music
Myspace Thanksgiving Online Now Icons
Use these Thanksgiving Day Myspace Icons in your myspace pages or send them to your dear ones ....
Download or use the beautiful Thanksgiving Day music in your myspace pages ......
Use these Thanksgiving Day Myspace Online Now Icons in your myspace pages ....

Icons Music Online Now

Thanksgiving Day Screensavers
Thanksgiving Day Wallpapers
Download free Thanksgiving Day screensavers to customize your desktop....
Download free Thanksgiving Day wallapapers to customize your desktop....

Screensavers Wallpapers

Be sure to visit ThanksgivingJoys.com for all your MySpace Thanksgiving needs.




November 7, 2006

Unblock MySpace at school - get to MySpace from school

Here is another site to try and unblock myspace from your school.



What is SURFinter.net? Surf Inter.Net is a 100% FREE ANONYMOUS WEB PROXY (based on the PHProxy script, see how it works) that allows you browsing banned, filtered or restricted websites (like myspace.com, hi5.com, yahoo.com etc) from school or work, fast and secure with privacy protection. Hide your real IP address, access myspace or other social network has never been easier! Bypass firewall restrictions and enjoy fast broadband access to the internet, total anonymous surfing, avoid ID theft or attacks - your IP is never at risk with this online proxy server. If this is not working use our backup servers: HideMyWay, VIPsurfer, MSproxy ! Enjoy...


myspace proxy

MYSPACE USERS CLICK HERE TO USE PROXIFIER PROXY. Sorry for the inconvenience, MySpace logon was down yesterday. Enjoy!


LATEST NEWS: MySpace LOGIN is working at last. Please enter desired URL address you want to visit and hit PROXIFY ! Enjoy. Surf Internet is a web proxy server that allows you to access banned or blocked websites directly from school or work, bypass firewall restrictions, surf 100% free and anonymous with privacy protection. For everyone looking to access MYSPACE from school here is you php proxy to do just that...

If you need another proxy to go by, enter proxy IP and port number in the "Tunnel Proxy". Default is BLANK. You can choose a BROWSER to emulate: IE, Opera, Firefox ! Updated on 11.07.2006, Myspace ready!

Try these MySpace proxy services to try an 

November 8, 2006

MySpace Top 50 Background Layouts


We found Top 50 MySpace background layouts at MySpaceLayoutSpy.com. MySpaceLayoutSpy.com has a larget selection of the newest and hottest MySpace layouts.

Here is the current Top 50 MySpace Layouts:

1.   Lil Wayne myspace layouts 1551
2.   Chris Brown myspace layouts 1224
3.   Bob Marley myspace layouts 1144
4.   Underoath myspace layouts 1031
5.   Led Zeppelin myspace layouts 965
6.   Bullet For My Valentine myspace layouts 925
7.   Tool myspace layouts 897
8.   Pink Floyd myspace layouts 857
9.   Nirvana myspace layouts 824
10.   Disturbed myspace layouts 800
11.   Blink 182 myspace layouts 786
12.   Jimi Hendrix myspace layouts 746
13.   My Chemical Romance myspace layouts 745
14.   Him myspace layouts 745
15.   Evanescence myspace layouts 729
16.   Metallica myspace layouts 685
17.   Korn myspace layouts 671
18.   Tupac Shakur myspace layouts 653
19.   T.i. myspace layouts 647
20.   Slipknot myspace layouts 633
21.   Lamb Of God myspace layouts 627
22.   Breaking Benjamin myspace layouts 545
23.   Pantera myspace layouts 537
24.   Chiodos myspace layouts 526
25.   Red Jumpsuit Apparatus myspace layouts 486
26.   Deftones myspace layouts 474
27.   Children Of Bodom myspace layouts 463
28.   Misfits myspace layouts 453
29.   As I Lay Dying myspace layouts 449
30.   Hinder myspace layouts 433
31.   Kottonmouth Kings myspace layouts 430
32.   Diplomats myspace layouts 417
33.   Dipset myspace layouts 416
34.   Avenged Sevenfold myspace layouts 411
35.   Daddy Yankee myspace layouts 397
36.   Kiss myspace layouts 396
37.   Johnny Cash myspace layouts 395
38.   Rise Against myspace layouts 393
39.   Ac/dc myspace layouts 392
40.   Red Hot Chili Peppers myspace layouts 388
41.   Killers myspace layouts 377
42.   Taking Back Sunday myspace layouts 364
43.   Corps myspace layouts 356
44.   Barbie myspace layouts 348
45.   Three Days Grace myspace layouts 345
46.   Justin Timberlake myspace layouts 340
47.   Rbd myspace layouts 338
48.   Rammstein myspace layouts 336
49.   Cradle Of Filth myspace layouts 331
50.   Pretty Ricky myspace layouts 330

Be sure to visit MySpaceLayoutSpy.com for your MySpace background layouts.

November 11, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving MySpace graphics

Be sure to visit MySpaceNow.com for your Thanksgiving images. 

November 12, 2006

MySpace Happy Thanksgiving images graphics and more

Are you looking to wish all your friends on MySpace Happy Thanksgiving? Then be sure to visit GraphicsArcade.com GraphicsArcade has a wonderful selection of Thanksgiving images for you to use. See a small sampling of MySpace Thanksgiving graphics below:


Myspace Thanksgiving Backgrounds

Myspace Thanksgiving Contact Tables


Contact Tables


Myspace Thanksgiving Countdown Graphics

Myspace Thanksgiving Cursors




Myspace Thanksgiving Dividers

Myspace Thanksgiving Glitter Graphics




Thanksgiving Icons

Myspace Thanksgiving Layouts


Myspace Layouts


Myspace Thanksgiving Online Now Icons

Thanksgiving Day Screensavers

Online Now



Thanksgiving Day Wallpapers





November 15, 2006

MySpace Thanksgiving graphics

We found some great Thanksgiving graphics at ultimatemyspace.com.


November 20, 2006

MySpace Thanksgiving images and graphics

FreeCodeSource.com has addes a Happy Thanksgiving section on its site.

 Animated Graphics




 Glitter Graphics

 Non -Animated Graphics


November 21, 2006

MySpace Thanksgiving comment tags

WishAFriend.com has some very nice MySpace images that you can leave on your firends MySpace pages. Be sure to check out WishAFriend.com.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Send To Myspace friends

Click the below link and copy-paste the code from there.

Click here to get code

Works in myspace comments, messaging, bulletins, blogs, profile, etc and all other social networking websites.

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving

Send To Myspace friends

Click the below link and copy-paste the code from there.

Click here to get code

Works in myspace comments, messaging, bulletins, blogs, profile, etc and all other social networking websites.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Send To Myspace friends

Click the below link and copy-paste the code from there.

Click here to get code

Works in myspace comments, messaging, bulletins, blogs, profile, etc and all other social networking websites.


November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving MySpace glitter graphics

You've asked for them and we found them. Yes, we've been getting a ton of emails requesting sites that has MySpace Thanksgiving glitter graphics. And we've found one. TweakYourPage.com has some awesome MySpace glitter thanksgiving graphics. Perfect for you to wish your MySpace friends Happy Thanksgiving with.


Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-6.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-8.gif
Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-16.gif
Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-1.gif
Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-13.gif
Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-10.gif
Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-11.gif
Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-2.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-3.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-4.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-7.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-12.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-14.gif

Thanksgiving MySpace Glitter Images - thanksgiving-glitter-15.gif

November 24, 2006

College football MySpace layouts and backgrounds

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. College football is almost wrapping up and bowl games just around the corner. We search for some college football layouts and backgrounds so everyone can get into the their school spirit. We found some great MySpace backgrounds and layouts at editmyspace.org.


Premade Myspace NCAA College Layouts

EditMySpace.org also has a great selection of NFL football MySpace layouts and backgrounds.




November 26, 2006

Unblock MySpace at your school

Not a day goes by without someone email us asking how they can stop their school from blocking  MySpace.com. Students from all over want to unblock MySpace.com at their school. 

So we searched the internet and found a list of over 300 proxy sites. These proxy site should allow you to bypass your school's filter and logon to MySpace. If your school is currently blocking you from getting to MySpace try one of these sites. Some of these sites might already be blocked by your school. Once your school finds out about a proxy site letting you get to MySpace, they'll probaby add the site to their list of sites to block.

Be sure to leave us a comment of which site works for you! Below is the latest list of proxy sites to unblock MySpace.com:

3 Proxy || 3 Proxy || 3 Proxy || 4 Proxy || A1 Proxy || A Free Proxy || Alien ProxyAnonymate || Anonymizer || Anonymouse || Anonymousurfing || Anonypath || Anonypath || Anonypost || Anoxx || Anti-boredom || Anti Trace || Anti Trace || Antiwebfilter || A Proxy Site || Arnit || At School || Awkward Alliteration || Backfox || Bbscience || Best Proxy || Big Proxy || Block My || Boardmerlin || Bored At School || Box Proxy || Browse At School || Browse At Work || Btunnel || Bypasser || Bypassit || Cacheless || Cecid || Cgi-proxy || Clever Proxy || Click CopClick These || Cloaker || Cloak My || Coconia || Concealme || Cool Handle || Ctunnel || Dark Proxy || Dejacey || Desire Proxy || Dnbroker || Drpruxy || DtunnelEat More Blueberries || E-konkursy || Estealth || Exo Proxy || Ez Proxy || Famous5 || Fly Proxy || Foxy Proxy || Frast Proxy || Free Http Proxy || Free Internet Proxy || Free Proxy || Free-proxy || Free Proxy || Freetoview || Free Usa Proxy || Free Web Proxy || Fritoon || Fsurf || Fully Sick Proxy || Gamecrib || Get Past || Get Proxy || Ghostclick || Green Rabbit || Hatkoff || Hide || Hide And Go Surf || Hide-me || Hide Your || Hidip || Hujiko || I Am New Guy || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ibypass || Ideal Proxy || Idoxy || Intbonline || Ipbounce || Ipbouncer || Ip-privacy || Ipsecret || Ipzap || JiggywormJj4 || Just Hide || Just Proxy || Just Proxy It || Kampen || Kaz Proxy || KezfunLet Me By || Link2caro || Lite Proxy || Live Proxy || Log Buster || Log Buster || Melloyello || Mfp || Mint Proxy || Mister Proxy || Monkey Signs || Mr Proxy || Msnvip || Msxsecurity || My Cgi Proxy || My Free Proxy || My Proxysurfer || Myspacehooker || My Web Tunnel || Netsack || Network Techs || Nfan || Ninja Proxy || Node Proxy || Nopath || Nopath || Nsfwurl || Page Hot || Page Wash || Paper Tiger Shark || Pc-portal || Peoples Proxy || Perfect Proxy || Perl Proxy || Php Proxy || Phproxy || Phproxy || Pimpmyip || Pimp Proxy || Pionas || Porno Proxy || Poxy || Preoxy || Preps On Crack || Presto Proxy || Prime Proxy || Procksee || Project Bypass || Proxatron || Proxene || Proxert || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxify || Proxy || Proxy1 || Proxy121 || Proxy7 || Proxy77 || Proxy Arcade || Proxy Aware || Proxyboys || Proxy Browsing || Proxybull || Proxy Buster || Proxycat || Proxy Chat Room || Proxy Circle || Proxy Craze || Proxy Detective || Proxy Devil || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Drop || Proxy Eyes || Proxy For All || Proxy Fox || Proxy Free || Proxyful || Proxy Gasp || Proxy Genie || Proxy Hut || Proxy Jet || Proxy Kingz || Proxy Lord || Proxy Maxi || Proxy Mod || Proxy Nut || Proxy Party || Proxy PleaseProxy Prince || Proxy Rocket || Proxy Shock || Proxy Spy || Proxy-surf || Proxy Surfing || Proxy Tap || Proxy Tastic || Proxy The Web || Proxy Through || Proxy Togo || Proxy Touch || Proxy Wave || Proxy Web || Proxy Website || Proxy WhipProxyz || Pruxy || Prxxy || Psurf || Pt Proxy || Public- Proxy || Pxy || Quiet ProxyR45 || Radio-farda || Rapid Proxy || Roach Host || Runarcade || Safe For WorkSafe Hazard || Sd9 || Secret Browse || Smart- Proxy || Smart Proxy || Smart Proxy || Sneak2 || Sneaky Proxy || Sneaky Surf || Sneaky User || Snoop Block || Snoop Block || Snoop Blocker || Snoop Blocker || Some Proxy || Song Today || Sonic Pig || Spiffy Proxy || Spysurfing || Stealth-ip || Stoptheblock || Student Proxy || Stupid Proxy || Surf-anon || Surfby Proxy || Sweet Proxy || Switch Proxy || Team Proxy || Tech Takeover || Teen Proxy || Tera Proxy || That Proxy || The Cgi Proxy || The Proxy || The Proxy Free || The Proxy Site || The Proxy Spot || The Web Tunnel || Tnt Proxy || Torify || Total Upload || Traceless || Unblock || Unblock My Space || Unbloxy || Undirect || Unipeak || United Email Systems || Urlencoded || Use Proxy || Virtual-browser || Vpntunnel || Vrijsurfen || Vtunnel || W3privacy || Want Proxy || Website Proxy || Webtools King || White Proxy || Wkccp || Work Browse || World Want || Xerohour || Xxx Proxy || Your-proxy || Your Proxy || Yours Domain

You can also you the FoxyProxy http://foxyproxy.mozdev.org Firefox plugin and TOR http://tor.eff.org to browse anonymously.
Google translate http://translate.google.com is also used to browse anonymously.

Here are some more proxy sites
http://www.proxynumber1.com (Replace 1 with any number between 1 to 10)


November 30, 2006

MySpace Christmas layouts and graphics

ChirstmasMySpaceGraphics.com has loaded their site with a bunch of MySpace Christmas graphics. This site has it all MySpace Christmas backgrounds, MySpace Christmas banner, MySpace Christmas clip art (perfect for MySpace Christmas comments),  MySpace Christmas cursors, MySpace Christmas countdown counters, and MySpace Christmas glitter graphics. Be sure to visit ChristmasMySpaceGraphics.com for all your Chritmas MySpace images and graphics.


Myspace Layouts

Online Now



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