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October 1, 2006

Creative, Original MySpace Layouts - FREE


Hi all we found another site packed with MySpace layouts. This site was created by two college friends who built this site to help their friends make cool myspace sites.

Now you too can sweeten your MySpace profile pages/

Simple MySpace Layouts
light stripes
bright stripes
poka dots

It seems this site is just starting out. The category links below don't seem to work yet.

Hip/Urban MySpace Layouts
street art
Las Vegas
sky lines

Outdoor MySpace Layouts

October 2, 2006

Hot Free MySpace Layouts - Over 7,000 MySpace Layouts


HotFreeLayouts.com has an amazing 7,000+ MySpace layouts to choose from.

This site has an easy to use navigation showing the number of MySpace layouts in each category.

MySpace general layouts (2627)
MySpace music layouts (836)
MySpace love layouts (532)
MySpace girls layouts (505)
MySpace sports layouts (405)
MySpace guys layouts (232)
MySpace cartoon layouts (231)
MySpace movies layouts (177)
MySpace animated layouts (165)
MySpace stars layouts (159)
MySpace fantasy layouts (122)
MySpace plain layouts (120)
MySpace fashion layouts (100)
MySpace retro layouts (98)
MySpace heart layouts (92)
MySpace tv layouts (90)
MySpace animal
layouts (82)
MySpace cars layouts (78)
MySpace stripes layouts (47)
MySpace games layouts (46)
MySpace latin layouts (45)
MySpace travel layouts (44)
MySpace flowers layouts 41
MySpace candy layouts (38)
MySpace polka layouts (37)

HotFreeLayouts.com is defintely one of the best MySpace layout sites out there. What's your comments about this MySpace layout site? Did you find a MySpace layout that you used?

Visit HotFreeLayouts.com and you let us know.

October 3, 2006

MySpace layouts, codes, and generators


CopyPasteSpace.com is a place for your MySpace needs. Below is a list of MySpace tools that you'll find at CopyPasteSpace.com.

Emo Text for MySpace
Create your own myspace emo text for your profile.

Profile Editor
The only way to get a sweet looking MySpace profile.

Comment Box
A comment box on the front page of your MySpace profile.

Background Generator
Create your very own original background.

Friend Adder
Get thousands of friend additions using the Whore Me Bulletin.

Contact Tables
Customise your contact box section of your MySpace profile.

Online Now Icon Buttons
Generate your own Online Now button code.

Overlapping Text
This is a great text affect achieved through Cascading Style Sheets.

Scrollbar Colours
CSS coloured scrollbar. Blend the main scrollbar with your profile.

Extended Network
Get rid of the hideous standard extended network banner.

Falling Objects
Make objects fall all over your profile. Anything you want!

Navigation Bar
Generate your own top Navigation Bar. With your own links!

October 4, 2006

Unblock MySpace - How to get to MySpace from School

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of request and questions on how to unblock a school blocking MySpace. These students are looking for help in by-passing their school's filtering of the MySpace domain. Most visitors will do a search on Google, with the terms MySpace Blocked.

I thought I'd share three possible ways of by passing a schools filtering and blocking MySpace.com.

1) The first way to un-block MySpace is by using a Web browser proxy.
Here is a small list of web browser proxy sites:
https://proxify.com/ https://proxify.us/ https://proxify.biz/

Free web-based proxy services at the Open Directory Project- Click Here

A word of caution, some of these sites my have spyware, malware, or a virus. It's a web browser proxy, don't download and install anything.

Drop us a comment if any of these proxy sites no longer work and are blocking you from getting to MySpace.

2) The second possible way to unblock MySpace and allow you to get to MySpace is by using a HTTP proxy server. To set this up would require some equipment and technical ability. Here are some Popular proxy server software - Click Here

WARNING CAUTION: When using a proxy just remember you are at risk for a malicious proxy server to record everything sent to the proxy. Which includes unencrypted logins and passwords.

3) The last possible way to bypass a school blocking MySpace is to use a translation proxy. Try using one of these language translators to unblock MySpace

We want to hear from you leave us a comment on what works and what doesn't work so we can update this list.

Good luck on unblocking MySpace at school.

How to unblock MySpace with a MySpace proxy

October 5, 2006

MySpace Halloween images and graphics

Halloween is fast approaching, and you might want to start decorating your MySpace profile page with a Halloween image or graphic. We'll we found some great MySpace Halloween graphics and images.

The first MySpace site is MySpacenow.com


MySpacenow has about 18 MySpace Halloween images. Below is a sample, which is perfect for you to leave as a comment on your friend's MySpace page.

Hosted at YourSpaceNow.com

The second MySpace Halloween image and graphic site we'll feature today is DressUpMySpace.com


DressUpMySpace has a handful of MySpace Halloween graphics. Below is a sample, which is perfect for you to leave as a comment on your friend's MySpace page.

Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Myspace Glitters, MySpace Codes, MySpace layouts, Doll Codes from http://www.dressupmyspace.com

We'll continue our search for more MySpace Halloween images and Halloween graphics.

October 6, 2006

MySpace Halloween layouts

MyGlitterRomance.com has two MySpace Halloween background layouts.

The Spooky Castle MySpace layout


Pumpkin Forest MySpace layout


More MySpace Halloween layouts from DressUpMySpace.com

MySpace Happy Halloween layout


Continue reading "MySpace Halloween layouts" »

October 9, 2006

More MySpace Halloween images, graphics and layouts


Freecodesource.com has just updated thier MySpace Halloween graphics and images section. Be sure to check out these new MySpace Halloween images and graphics.

Halloween Graphics:
105 MySpace Halloween Animated Graphics
85 MySpace Halloween Animations
10 MySpace Halloween Banners perfect for MySpace Halloween comments
9 MySpace Halloween Dividers
23 MySpace Halloween Glitter Graphics
5 MySpace Halloween Icons
93 MySpace Halloween Non-Animated Graphics
22 MySpace Halloween Posters

Once again be sure to visit Freecodesource.com for a great list of MySpace Halloween images and graphics.

We found a nice MySpace layout at GraphicsArcade.com


According to MySpaceHolidayGraphics.com they offer myspace halloween graphics, myspace halloween glitter graphics, myspace halloween images codes, myspace halloween images, myspace halloween graphics codes

They did have some background graphics that might help decorate your MySpace page for Halloween.


October 11, 2006

The ultimate MySpace layouts site - with thousands of MySpace Layouts


ultimatemyspace.com has got to be one of the largest collection of MySpace layouts. It has a large section of NFL football, NBA basketball and Major league baseball MySpace layouts.

MySpace General layouts
MySpace Music Layouts - MySpace Rockstar layouts and MySpace singer layouts
MySpace Sports Layouts - MySpace NFL layouts, MySpace NBA layouts
MySpace Love Layouts - MySpace Heart Layouts, hearts, bears
MySpace Girls layouts - Hot girls, sexy girls, playgirls, models
MySpace Guys layouts - Hot guys, sexy guys, men, hunks
MySpace Cartoon character layouts
MySpace Stars layouts
MySpace Animated background layouts
Plain MySpace layouts
Hollywood Movie layouts
MySpace Retro layouts - colorful layouts
Heart layouts
MySpace TV show layouts
MySpace Animal layouts - cute layouts
MySpace Fashion layouts - Brand names
MySpace Games layouts - board games
MySpace Stripe layouts
Candy layouts

UltimateMySpace.com definetly has a lot MySpace Layouts, it also has a ton of other MySpace tools and codes. It one of our top picks for a MySpace customization.

October 12, 2006

More MySpace Halloween graphics, images, and layouts



We found more MySpace Halloween graphics at DollieLove.com These Halloween images we're quite unique, a little to girlish for my taste.

We stumbled upon this cool MySpace Halloween layouts at SkinsGallery.com

Below are a few samples of their great MySpace layouts.

Halloween MySpace Layout
Halloween MySpace Layout
by: xerraire


Fly with the Bats
Fly with the Bats
by: xerraire


Witchy MySpace Layout
Witchy MySpace Layout
by: xerraire


Fantasy Witch MySpace Layout
Fantasy Witch MySpace Layout
by: xerraire


Haunted House
Haunted House
by: xerraire


by: xerraire


Be sure to visit SkinsGallery.com for more MySpace Halloween background layouts.






October 15, 2006

The best MySpace Halloween layouts, images, and graphic site


HalloweenJoys.com is by far the best Halloween layout, graphics and image site. This Halloween MySpace site has the largest selection of codes. This is a MySpace site just for your Halloween themed profile pages.


Be sure to visit HalloweenJoys.com to start changing your MySpace profile pages. 

October 17, 2006

MySpace college football and basketball layouts amd backgrounds


MySpaceBrand.com is a great MySpace layout and background site. Click on Colleges or Sports teams below to find your schools football or basketball team graphics.

MySpace Pre-Made Layouts


October 19, 2006

The site with the most MySpace Halloween layouts, images and graphics

123MyCodes.com has got to be the best Halloween MySpace website. 123MyCodes.com has a very large section of Halloween images, contact tables, icons, layouts, backgrounds, comment tags and a Halloween present.

Present a Free Myspace Halloween Gift Box to your friends and relatives

On Halloween day this gift box will open

Each gift box will have a different kind of gift, but the gift won't be exposed until Halloween day!

Choose your gift box below to add it on your friends comment.

You may add one gift box or all 10 gift boxes!


Halloween Gift Box

Present a Free Myspace Halloween Gift Box to your friends and relatives

On Halloween day this gift box will open
and show the gift



Besides the cool MySpace Halloween box, below are a few examples of the great Halloween MySpace images, graphics and lyouts theat 123MyCodes.com has.

Halloween Icons


Halloween Myspace Extended Network Banner

Halloween Falling Objects

Halloween Online Now Icon

Halloween Cursors


Myspace Halloween Layouts




Halloween Graphic Codes


Myspace Halloween Contact Tables


Once again folks don't waste your time looking at other sites, just visit 123MyCodes.com for your Halloween MySpace needs.


October 23, 2006

Sexy MySpace Layouts

Sexy girls MySpace layouts from SpaceProfile.net

Click To GET MySpace Codes


Click To GET MySpace Codes


Click To GET MySpace Codes


Click To GET MySpace Codes

SpaceProfile.net has soemof the sexiest layouts we've seen be sure to to check out all their layouts and backgrounds. Of course the have hot guys as well.



October 24, 2006

How can I get to MySpace - How to unblock MySpace



ProxiesList.net Is a great site to find a possible proxy site that you could use to get to MySpace. A lot of schools and work places are trying to block their students and workers from getting to MySpace. Well try a proxy site that let's you get to MySpace from work or school. Unblock MySpace today with a site on the ProxiesList.net

The top proxy site on ProxiesList.net is ProxyDom - High speed anonymous proxy server. Running on Unix cluster with multiple backbone connections.


We've found another web site proxy list, for all those users who are trying to unblock MySpace at school and work.  

The top site on Pwoxy.com is TheProxyFree: anonymous proxy surfing - TheProxyFree is a FREE web based anonymous proxy service which allows you to visit websites through an anonymous proxy so that you can visit sites that are blocked by your company, school, university or your ISP.

Need to find other MySpace Proxy sites? Try these sites

Give both list a try at your school and let us know what works. We LOVE Comments! Share the knowledge!

October 25, 2006

Leave voice messages on MySpace


This is a cool little MySpace widget that you can place on your MySpace profile. You can leave a voice message for you visitors and have visitors  leave messages for you. Try out Snapvine's voice player and let us know what you thought about it.


We bring voice and mobility to social networks.

Use the Snapvine Voice Player to connect with your online friends anytime, anywhere, using any phone.

Best of all, it's free!



October 28, 2006

Last minute MySpace Halloween images and graphics

We took a stroll over to Doobix.com where we found some great MySpace Halloween graphics and Images that for you. These MySpace Halloween images and graphics are perfect for MySpace comment tags.





Glitter Graphics






We hope you enjoy the graphics and have a great halloween, and keep safe out there!

October 29, 2006

Top rated MySpace layouts from FreeCodeSource.com


More Top rated MySpace layouts from FreeWebLayouts.net

Myspace Layouts  - 2020 Pre-made Myspace Layouts
Jim Jones Myspace Background
Pretty Purple Myspace Background
Kirk Franklin Myspace Background
Avatar The Last Airbender Myspace Background
Flower Rush Myspace Background
BBC Running Dog Myspace Background
Colossus Myspace Background
Marias Myspace Background
Ursula Mayes Myspace Background
Dots N Knots Myspace Background
Gwen Stefani  Myspace Background
Simple Plan Myspace Background
G-Unit Myspace Background
Mario Myspace Background
Kirk Franklin Myspace Background

October 31, 2006

NBA MySpace images and graphics

Since NBA season has started, we thought we visit some MySpace layouts, images and graphics sites to try and find NBA MySpace codes.

The first site we'll highlight is Pleblus.org  Pleblus definitely has great NBA basketball MySpace images and graphics. Take a look at the type of MySpace basketball images we found. Support your favorite NBA basketball teams in MySpace.

MySpace Graphics: NBA

Use these graphics in comments, about me, bulletins, or anywhere you like.

More teams 1 2 3 Next Last



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