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September 1, 2006

MySpace love images

MySpace Love images at YourSpaceZone.com

YourSpaceZone.com has more images, layouts and codes for your MySpace Profile

September 2, 2006

MySpace profile page layouts


At PureLayouts.com we have lots of cool Premade MySpace Layouts for you to check out. Whatever your interest or style, you are certain to find something to make your profile stand out - from plain and clean, to bright and brash. Just browse around the site, select the layout you want and copy the HTML code into your profile. When we're not playing outside in the lovely summer weather, we are busy working on some nice new layouts which will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Below is a list of layouts you'll find at PureLayouts.com

MySpace Layouts
Red Layouts
Orange Layouts
Yellow Layouts
Pink Layouts
Blue Layouts
Green Layouts
Black Layouts
White Layouts
Music Layouts
Dark Layouts
Gothic Layouts
Sports Layouts
Glitter Layouts
Cute Layouts
Abercrombie Layouts
Simple Layouts
Layout Grabber
Celebrity Layouts

September 3, 2006

Games for your MySpace profile games


Our users asked for it and we found them cool flash games for your MySpace profile pages at thegameelf.com.

TheGameElf.com describes itself as "You've found the most addictive collection of FREE games on the planet!" and we have to agree this site a alot of Flash games for your MySpace profile pages.

Their site says they have a total of 1546 games.

They have action/adventure, sports, puzzles, shot'em up games.

Be sure to visit thegameelf.com.

September 4, 2006

Free MySpace layouts, graphics, backgrounds, icons and more!


ProfileMix.com is in the house to provide you with the hottest Free Myspace Layouts, Free Myspace Graphics, Myspace Backgrounds, Myspace Background Codes, Myspace Icons, Myspace Codes, Myspace Videos, Myspace comments and a lot more! Our site is updated daily with new cool myspace stuff, codes, graphics, animations, pictures, videos and more!

ProfileMix.com has a great flash scroll message board for you to use on your friends comments.
Make your own custom scroller sign at ProfileMix.com!

September 5, 2006

MySpace Layouts, glitter images and more


MySpaceSupport.com has a bunch of MySpace profile layouts:

Abercrombie Layouts
Abstract & Random Layouts
Animal Layouts
Animated Background
Brand Name Layouts
Candy & Food Layouts
Cars & Vehicles
Cartoon Layouts
Checkered & Boxed Layouts
Clean Style Layouts
Diagonal Striped Layouts
Flowered Layouts
Gradient Layouts
Grungy Layouts
Heart Layouts
Holiday Layouts
Icon Layouts
Left Sided Layouts
Movie Layouts
Musician Layouts
Name Layouts
Plain Layouts
Polka Dot Layouts
Premium Layouts
Quotes Layouts
Retro Layouts
Sports Layouts
Stars Layouts
Stripes / Plaid Layouts
Swirlies Layouts
Tiny & Mini Layouts
Two-Color Layouts

Besides MySpace layouts MySpace Support also has MySpace graphics.
Here's a sampleMySpace Glitter graphics:
MySpace Layouts

Be sure to visit MySpaceSupport.com for all your MySpace layout needs or for some MySpace Glitter graphic images.

September 6, 2006

Singers and pop artists MySpace layouts


Pimp Ma Space has a bunch of MySpace layouts and graphics for you to use on your MySpace profile pages. Below is a list of pop artist MySpace layouts for your use.

Ricky Martin MySpace Layout

Mariah Carey MySpace Layout
Christina Milian MySpace Layout
Chris Brown MySpace Layout
Britney Spears MySpace Layout
Ashanti MySpace Layout

More MySpace layouts to choose from:


September 7, 2006

MySpace online now icons



MySpace Online Now Icons website describes itslef as The premier source of MySpace Online Now Status Icons.

These MySpace "Online Now Icons" are designed for MySpace to be used in place of the default Online Now Icon appearing when you're signed into MySpace.

This site does have MySpace online now icons but it also has some distracting ebay ads.

September 8, 2006

Over 600 MySpace Layouts for you to choose from


Groovy Machine is a site dedicated to give you the best tools to customize your Myspace profile the way you want.

Myspace Layouts categories:
Female Celebrities
Male Celebrities

September 9, 2006

2,000 MySpace Layouts to choose from


Pimp-My-Profile.com has almost 2,000 MySpace profile page layouts for you to choose from. Choose a layout from these categories:
Top Layouts / Anime/Manga (122) / Artistic (137) / Automotive (70) / Bands & Artists (218) / Basic Colors (93) / Celebrities (115) / Clean & Simple (47) / Dark & Dirty (156) / Girly (317) / Holidays (8) / Movies & TV (153) / Nature (100) / Other (280) / Sports (124)

September 10, 2006

MySpace cartoon layouts


MySpacePlease.com has added new MySpace cartoon layouts for your MySpace pages.
Below is an excerpt of their what's new section.
Some more Cartoon MySpace Layouts have been added to our vast collection of high quality MySpace Layouts! Check out new Zelda MySpace Layouts, Futurama MySpace Layouts, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Layouts!

September 19, 2006

MySpace layouts and codes


Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Generators, Myspace Tweaks, Myspace Backgrounds and Myspace Graphics at MyspaceGeeks.com

Grab the latest "Free Backgrounds" for your MySpace profile. We constantly update this section bringing you the best backrounds, for free. All are compatible with our Bolt-On Accessories. - Myspace Backgrounds

See our huge online directory of MySpace generators. Completely automated. Just find the one you like, add some basic details and copy and paste into your profile - MySpace Generators
Customize your entire profile with our pre-made MySpace layouts. Easy to use, and updated regularly. Works with all of our bolt on accessories, mp3 player, video player etc - MYSPACE LAYOUTS
Codes to pimp up your profile, change the way your profile looks and performs. Huge online archive. Add free music, videos, and much more. - MYSPACE CODES
Want to customize your friends list? Then use our top 4,6,8,10 and 12 friends generator. Its free and easy to use. Show that you care, get one now ! - MYSPACE TOP 4-12

September 20, 2006

Over 400 MySpace layouts to choose from


ALLHTMLCODES.COM provides you with over 400 MySpace layouts to choose from. Please select a MySpace Layout category. You can click on the image or the category title located below the image.

MySpace Layout Categories on ALLHTMLCODES.COM:
MySpace Animated Layouts
MySpace Aqua Layouts
MySpace Beach Layouts
MySpace Blue Layouts
MySpace Cars and Cycles Layouts
MySpace Cats
MySpace Celebrities Layouts
MySpace Dogs Layouts
MySpace Flowers Layouts
MySpace Green Layouts
MySpace Lace Layouts
MySpace Light Blue Layouts
MySpace Multi Colored Layouts
MySpace Nature Layouts
MySpace Orange Layouts
MySpace Peach Layouts
MySpace Pink Layouts
MySpace Purple Layouts
MySpace Red Layouts
MySpace Sci-Fi Layouts
MySpace Silk Layouts
MySpace Tan Layouts
MySpace Valentines Day Layouts
MySpace Wildlife Layouts

September 23, 2006

NFL Football MySpace Layouts - MySpace layouts of your favorite football team


NFL Football MySpace profile layouts at myprofilepimp.com.


Atlanta Falcons MySpace layout

myprofilepimp.com, has many other football teams for you to choose from.

Washington Redskins MySpace layout
Seattle Seahawks MySpace layout
New York Giants MySpace layout
Carolina Panthers MySpace layout
San Diego Chargers MySpace layout
New Orleans Saints MySpace layout
Houston Texans MySpace layout
Pittsburgh Steelers MySpace layout
Cincinnati Bengals MySpace layout
Tampa Bay Buccaneers MySpace layout
New England Patriots MySpace layout
Kansas City Chiefs MySpace layout
Dallas Cowboys MySpace layout
Minnesota Vikings MySpace layout
Miami Dolphins MySpace layout
St. Louis Rams MySpace layout
Philadelphia Eagles MySpace layout
Denver Broncos MySpace layout
Detroit Lions MySpace layout
Arizona Cardinals MySpace layout
Buffalo Bills MySpace layout
Green Bay Packers MySpace layout
New York Jets MySpace layout
Tennessee Titans MySpace layout
Jacksonville Jaguars MySpace layout
Chicago Bears MySpace layout
Cleveland Browns MySpace layout
Indianapolis Colts MySpace layout
SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS MySpace layout
Baltimore Ravens MySpace layout

Be sure to look for yout favorite NFL football team MySpace layout at myprofilepimp.com.

September 26, 2006

MySpace layouts and more at MySpaceClipArt.com


MySpace Layouts available on MySpaceClipArt.com:
MySpace 3D Layouts
MySpace Abstract Layouts
MySpace Animal Layouts
MySpace Cartoon Layouts
MySpace Car Layouts
MySpace Flower Layouts
MySpace Girly Layouts
MySpace Guy Layouts
MySpace Heart Layouts
MySpace Singer Layouts
MySpace Movie Layout

MySpaceClipArt.com also has a ton of other MySpace codes, images, graphics and more. Below is a small sample of what you can find on MySpaceClipArt.com.
MySpace Generators
* Falling Text Generator
* Glitter Word Generator
* Comment Box Generator
* Ext. Network Graphic
* Link Generator
* Custom Nav Bar
* Scrolling Text

MySpace Animations
* Glitter Graphics
* Glitter Words
* Thanks for the Add
* Characters

MySpace Graphics
* MySpace Backgrounds
* Contact Tables
* Ext. Network Banners
* Dividers
* Icons
* Logos

September 28, 2006

MySpace Graphics and Images for your MySpace Page


Here is how MySpaceGraphics.biz describes itself:

"Easy access to some of the hottest myspace layouts on the web today. Feel free to browse our selection and when you've found the right layout to pimp your myspace just cut and paste the generated code into your profile. If your looking to spice up your profile with some music, music videos or just upload your own digital photography check out our handy upload tools

If music is your thing then you simply must add a selection of music videos your myspace layout and where better to find the perfect music video then on the offical myspace music video page here"

New MySpace Content - We are always updating our various sections with new content, so check back often!

Free MySpace Layouts - Our layouts section has complete pre-made layouts for you. updated frequently!

MySpace Generators - Want to make your profile yourself?Use our free generators to modify any part of your own profile, fast and easy to use, and best of all, totally free!

MySpace Graphics - Browse our our growing graphics gallery for cool pics and images for your profile, including, dolls, backgrounds, online icons + more!

MySpace Codes - Our codes will help add features and content to your profile hassle free.

MySpace Tweaks - Hide, resize remove, center, and reverse! Our tweaks will help you easily alter your profile.

MySpace Tools - Use our upload tool for a fast and easy solution to host your MySpace files.

MySpace premade layouts for your MySpace pages


MySpacePremadeLayout.com - Describes itself as "MyspacePremadeLayout.com is your #1 source for myspace layouts, myspace premade layouts, free myspace layouts and myspace layout codes! We create unique myspace layouts on a daily basis for you! Plus we have a huge collection of myspace graphics, myspace glitters, myspace icons, myspace codes, myspace contact tables and much more so make sure to bookmark us and come back soon!"

NEW: Check out the new myspace video section were you can find tons of hilarious videos that you can add for free to your myspace profiles, blogs or comments your friends! Have a laugh! Myspace Videos

September 30, 2006

Get your own MySpace glitter images


Have you ever wanted to create your own MySpace glitter image or graphic? But you don't have any software or an idea of how you would create a MySpace glitter graphic.

We found the solution to create your very own MySpace Glitter images at GlitterText.org. GlitterText.org has a Glitter Text Generator.

Below is the simple instructions to create your glitter graphic images.
"If you have a myspace, friendster, xanga, livejournal or other profile, you may be interested in adding some glitter text to your profile page, comments, bulletins, friends messages or even a blog. To get started, click a glitter image below that you like and a little box will appear around it. You then type your text into the text area below and it should update a live preview on the page for you, depending on what internet browser you are using. You then click generate code and the code will drop down ready for you to copy into your profile."

Below is a sample of what type of glitter fonts you can use to create your MySpace graphics:

Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Style 5 Style 6 Style 7
Style 8 Style 9 Style 10 Style 11 Style 12 Style 13 Style 14

Visit GlitterText.org today to create your own MySpace glitter image graphics.


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