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August 14, 2006

How do I unblock MySpace - How can I get to MySpace if it's being blocked


Do you want to go to MySpace.com but your school or workplace is blocking MySpace.com? Try using Msnvip.com. Msnvip.com is a proxy server. It allows you to view MySpace.com by tricking your school or workplace into thinking that you're looking at msnvip.com pages.

Get to MySpace at school and at work if it's being blocked with msnvip.com

August 15, 2006

MySpace layouts, graphics, images and codes for girls


Are you a girl who wants to pimp out her MySpace profile page. Are you looking for a sexy cool layouts.

MyGirlySpace.com, is a site that was created by girls and made for girls. Seems like they're still working on the site, but when it's done they hope to have the largest selection of Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Cursors, and Myspace Graphics for girls.

Girls this site is the premier site for all your girly myspace needs! :)

August 16, 2006

MySpace icons, images, graphics and dolls for your MySpace profile page


MySpace Direct says it has the latest and greatest for your MySpace Profile. Thry're adding new things to MySpaceDirect.com on a daily basis so be sure to check it out often. This site has a ton of images and graphics for your MySpace profiles.

August 17, 2006

MySpace codes to customize your MySpace profile page


Here are some MySpace codes that surfcodes.com has for your MySpace Profile:
How to center your MySpace profile
How can I hide "About Me" box on my MySpace profile
How do I hide Extended Network box on the top right
I don't want anyone to contact me with my MySpace contact box
I don't want anyone to see my MySpace comments, how do I hide it
How to hide your details section
Hide your MySpace friends section and link
How do I hide my general Info
How to hide your last login
Hide your MySpace URL box
Add scrolling friends & comments box
How do I switch what's on the left to the right of my page

Text and Links Codes and Tricks:
Hover Link: Links Sparkles when some places their mouse cursor
Convert all your links to lower case letters
Remove "Add Comment" Link
Special Characters

Click here to visit surfcodes.com for any of the above codes.

August 18, 2006

How do I create a MySpace slide show? - I want a heart cube slideshow


How can I create a slideshow with my pictures for MySpace? Have you seen those cool heart or cube shaped slide shows on someone else's MySpace profile page? You know those flosting flash slideshows.

Well picturetrail.com is where you can find those free picture slideshow program.

Picturetrail.com has a variety of slideshow formats that you can choose from. Plus it's so easy to use.

PictureTrail.com has a bunch of MySpace slideshow templates to choose from:
Acrobat Cube - Multi angle rotating cube!
Circles - Rotating small circles zoom into the center.
Photo Book - See the pages flip when you click them with your mouse!
Heart Pendant - Cool shimmer around heart shaped diamond.
Heart Pendant 3D - Awesome rotating 3D effect! New photo each rotation.
and more!


For the best MySpace slideshow program be sure to check out picturetrail.com

August 19, 2006

Customize your MySpace profile with pimp-my-profile.com


Pimp-My-Profile.com (don't forget to include the dashes) has a large selection of MySpace layouts, codes, generators, editors and graphics. Their site says they have 1,600 MySpace layouts. Sorry guys, i didn't count them all to very those numbers. They also have some cool graphic makers that allow you to make shadow text, banner text and everyones favorite glitter text.

Be sure to check out Pimp-My-Profile.com for your latest MySpace text graphics.

August 20, 2006

I'm blocked from seeing MySpace, can I still get to MySpace

Today we'll take a look at proxy sites that allow you to view MySpace even if it's being filtered or blocked at your work or school.

1) First up is FreebieProxy.com


You're being blocked from visiting MySpace at school. Or maybe your parents have blocked you from getting to MySpace at home.

Can I still get to MySpace?

The answer is yes! All you need to do is use a proxy.

The first proxy we're going to visit is FreebieProxy.com.

The description on their site says: The Best Unblocking Proxy! With the use of our free service you can bypass blocked pages in school, work, or anywhere! Our service will also help protect your computer from spyware, viruses, and other malware, keeping you safe while maintaining a high level of anonymity.

2) Next up is MySpaceProxy1.com


The description from MySpaceProxy1.com website says:
MySpaceProxy1.com is a fast web proxy - Browse Myspace through our proxy server and hide all your personal information , get around those pesky internet filters.

MySpace Proxy lets you browse websites which would normally be filtered from browsing. You can easily bypass web filters that are set up by the school or company server who's internet connection you are browsing with. No need to search for a long IP proxy list , with MySpace Proxy 1 you can do everything that is possible with a web proxy!

Everyone hates it when they can't visit a site from work or school. MySpace Proxy 1 is there so you can visit MySpace and why should they censor your content anyway?

MySpace Proxy 1 - The best MySpace Proxy on the web.

3) Third on the list is Siteallow.com


Siteallow.com offers a free web based Proxy service. This service allows you to surf at work or school, and surf anonymously, allowing you to browse sites without loading any scripts that could cause damage to your system. This is done, by loading the sites that you wish to visit on our server. The server then communicates with the webpage, then communicates with your browser. Your details are kept secret from the website, as the website collected details about our server and not you!

By using our services, you leave no trace of your IP address, being invisible to other people, so they can't see what your doing with your browser. Our server IP address will be used in place of yours. Surf safely.

4) Fourth on the list is UnblockMySpace.com



Lean how to unblock and view MySpace.

This site uses the server proxy IP for surfing the web anonymously. Protect your privacy! Surf Anonymously! Bypass Security Filters! Private Browsing! You are welcome to use this service to view any site. Unlock internet secrets! No website cache or cookies! Be Spyware Free!

5) The last on the list is UnblockMySpace.com


MySpace Proxy Site is here to help you access MySpace from work, school, or any other Internet enabled computer that is preventing you from accessing MySpace. We are dedicated to providing the best MySpace proxy available.

Whether you are behind a firewall, a restricted network, or just a badly configured or faulty network, MySpace Proxy Site handles every request for you and filters every page you visit on MySpace.com and beyond.

A proxy is a great tool both for casual users and system administrators. When you browse with MySpace Proxy Site, every request you make is handled by our server, cleaned, and passed along to you. A proxy hides your identity as well as cloaking browser details, geographical information, and cleaning up malicious scripts.

August 21, 2006

Free Myspace resources including a Myspace layout stealer


Dodank.com has free MySpace resources for your MySpace profile. Thay have a MySpace layout generator that can generate full layouts for your MySpace profile.

Dodank.com also has a Myspace layout stealer so you can copy someone else's MySpace profile. So when you see someone else's MySpace profile that you like use Dodank.com MySpace layout stealer to pimp out your page. The instructions for the MySpace layout stealer were very easy to follow. Here are the simple instructions.

To steal someone else's Myspace layout, enter their MySpace friend ID into the box below and press the 'Steal Layout' button. To get someone's MySpace friend ID, look at the address bar when you are viewing their profile. The friend ID will be in there and just copy the number. If you don't see the friend ID, click on their profile image and then look at the address bar. It should be there.

To install the MySpace layout, copy and paste the code in the box above to the About Me section of your profile. Then click preview and then click submit. Make sure you remove any existing MySpace layout before you install a new one.

WARNING: Some MySpace layouts are harder to steal than others. If you are stealing an already sloppy layout, you will receive a more sloppy one. To get the best results, steal only the clean MySpace layouts.


Dodank.com also has a video code generator so you can add videos to your Myspace profile.

August 22, 2006

MySpace codes, generators, and layouts at Skize.com


Skize.com describes itself as the place for everything MySpace related, and more! And after viewing the site we have to agree. Skize.com had two new features MySpace layout stealer and MySpace glitter graphics which has 14 different glitter graphics to choose from.

Skize.com also has:
MySpace graphics
MySpace generators
MySpace layouts
MySpace tweaks
MySpace codes

August 23, 2006

Hookers on MySpace? Thats right, but these hookers have MySpace codes and graphics


MySpaceHooker.com has a bunch of cool online now graphics for your MySpace profile.

Another unique feature at MySpaceHooker.com is the MySpace falling objects generator.
You can type in your text or symbol and also have your own images create a MySpace falling code.

August 24, 2006

Simple pre-made MySpace Layouts - Just cut and paste


Access to some of the hottest myspace layouts around first! Browse around to find your favorite layout and simply copy & paste the HTML code into your myspace profile to give it the totally different look and feel!

Are you looking for some easy to use MySpace Layouts? MySpaceLayouts.us has layouts just for you.
Black Layouts
Blue Layouts
Green Layouts
Orange Layouts
Pink Layouts
Purple Layouts
Red Layouts
White Layouts
Yellow Layouts

Can all be found at MySpaceLayouts.us

August 25, 2006

MySpace premade layouts


MyspaceLayouts.cc claims to have the Internet's Largest Database of Premade Myspace Layouts. All of our layouts are submitted by Myspace users from all around the world. All the layouts are broken up into catagories found on the left navigation. Below are the most recent layouts added, and the top rated ones. To view each layout simply click on the picture.

The last news and updates on the site says 3/28/06

This site definitely has a lot of MySpace premade customized layouts.

The MySpace layouts are categorized into:
Guys Layouts
Girls Layouts
Movies/TV Layouts
Sports/Athletes Layouts
Dark/Grunge Layouts
Celebrity/Models Layouts
Solid Colors Layouts
Music/Bands Layouts

August 26, 2006

MySpace layout codes - sports, hearts, scenic, hot girls


Are you looking for a new MySpace layout? Tired of your current MySpace Layout? This site is just for you.MySpacePimper.com has free pre made MySpace layouts. They have one of the largest collection of quality MySpace layouts we've seen. Take a look at what they have below.

MySpacePimper.com has layouts seperated by categories:
Heart Layouts
(Layouts Containing Hearts)

Sports Layouts
(Pro and College Football, Basketball, Baseball, Nascar, Wrestling, Boarding and more)

Entertainment Layouts
(Movies, Television, Cartoons and more)

Animated Layouts
(Animated Layouts, Falling Objects and More)

Car Layouts
(Different Types of Hot Cars)

Brand Layouts
(Playboy, Chanel, Roxy and more)

Texture Layouts
(Flowers and Textures)

Color Layouts
(Layouts Where Color is the Theme)

Scenic Layouts
(Islands, Beaches and more)

Weed Layouts
(4:20 and more)

Saying Layouts
(Funny, romantic, and more sayings)

Animal Layouts
(Puppys, Kittens, Horses and more)

Holiday Layouts
(All of your favorite holidays)

Armed Services Layouts
(Dedicated to our forces, Emt,
Police and more)

Christian Layouts
(Bible versus and more)

Booze Layouts
(Beer, Liquer and more)

Cityscape Layouts
(Find your city scene)

Everything Else
(3D, Weird, Cool and more)

Most Recent Layouts
(Our Most Recent Additions)

Hot Girls of Myspace Series
(Girls, Girls, Girls)

August 27, 2006

Doobix - A Place For MySpace Profile Improvement


Doobix.com tag line says "A Place For Profile Improvement", and on this site you'll find tools to Myspace Layouts, Myspace Backgrounds, Codes, Generators, Animations, Glitter Words, Glitter Graphics, Myspace Layout Tools, Layouts Tips and Tricks.

The one thing that really impressed me with the site is the large number of MySpace comment graphics that they have. The total number or MySpace graphics says they have 10,822 as of August 25th, 2006.

We'll definitely need to check back on this site at a later date, but for now if you're looking for:
Myspace Layouts
Myspace Backgrounds
Glitter Words
Glitter Graphics
Myspace Layout Tools
Layouts Tips and Tricks

Doobix.com is a great site for you.

August 28, 2006

MySpace online now icons at killerkiwi.net


Killerkiwi.net has MySpace views counters, layout snatcher, MySpace glitter word generator, graphics and contact tables. Killerkiwi.net also has a large selection of MySpace online now icons.

Remember the domain name is killerkiwi.net not killerkiwi.com. Killerkiwi.com will take you to some bogus MySpace layout site.

Take a look below at some of their MySpace online now icons:


August 29, 2006

MySpace Layouts and more MySpace stuff


On MyLayoutsCreator.com you will find the best backgrounds, layouts, editors, and code creators. They have everything you need to make your profile ROCK!

There latest update to their site was on 8-16-06
Hey Myspacers. Sorry it has been so long since we added new features, but beleive me it will be worth it. We are putting the finishing touches on a new site that will feature over 50,000 backgrounds and 100,000 layouts. The new site will also have some new tools that you can't find anywhere else. So please check back often and we will let everyone know when the new site is live. Later!

Here is a sampling of what's available on MyLayoutsCreator.com:
MySpace layout creator
MySpace profile editor
MySpace Backgrounds
MySpace layouts
Glitter graphics
MySpace profile counters
MySpace games
MySpace icons
MySpace tweaks
MySpace codes
MySpace contact tables

According to their site they even gave away an ipod.

August 30, 2006

MySpace backgrounds and layouts at MySpaceGrill.com


MySpaceGrill.com has MySpace backgrounds and layouts for your MySpace profile pages. They also have MySpace generators for backgrounds and layouts. You can upload your own image and create your own background images with their generator.

August 31, 2006

Everything you need to customize your MySpace profile page


Are you looking for MySpace comment tags? YourSpaceNow.com has a MySpace comment tag perfect for you. YourSpaceNow.com has these types of comment tags:


Thanks for the Add, Welcome, Hello!, Days of the Week, I Love You, Happy Birthday

This site has so much to offer, have to atleast take a look at for your MySpace profile page.


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