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July 1, 2006

Myspace music video codes - Urbnmix.net


Urbnmix.net has a ton of music video codes for your myspace pages. Myspace music videos, featured vidoes, top 20 myspace videos as well as the top 20 downloads.

July 2, 2006

Myspace Graphics Help at MyspaceGraphicHelp.com


Myspace graphics help has Myspace layouts, a variety of contact tables, codes for animations and quizzes for your myspace profile.

July 3, 2006

Keeping an eye on someone elses Myspace page with MyspaceWatch.com


MySpacewatch.com is like a search engine, as he calls it, that alerts users to changes in MySpace member profiles, their log-in history and any comments posted to a particular page via RSS. For access to stats on one MySpace profile, the service is free. Keeping tabs on up to five profiles costs $6.

Read the whole story here.

July 4, 2006

MySpace Holiday images Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's


Looking for a Halloween image or graphic for MySpace. Take a look at mynicespace.com glitter, images and graphics.

July 11, 2006

I Myspace Layouts - Layout, video, codes and generators


IMyspaceLayouts.com - Is a Myspace resource site that is filled with layout codes and backgrounds. This resource site breaks down all the layouts into sections for you. Cute, cool, pretty are just a few of the categories of Myspace layouts. IMyspaceLayouts.com also hs graphics, videos and myspace editor links.

Be sure to visit IMyspaceLayouts.com as their tag line says,

Welcome to iMySpaceLayouts.com! We have tons of MySpace Layouts, MySpace Generators, MySpace Graphics, MySpace Codes and MySpace Backgrounds.

July 12, 2006

Myspace scripts - for your Myspace page


Myspacescripts.com has a scripts to turn yourmyspace page into a hot looking page. Scripts to customize your profile, graphics, generators and everyone's favorit glitter graphics. The site is very nicely laid out and easy to use. This site has sections that tell you what's the top downloads.

Myspacescripts.com has the code for hover images, scrolling comments, hide friend list and comments.

This has got to be one of the best sites to change your myspace page profile.

July 14, 2006

How do I add comments to all my friends Myspace pages


If you're looking to gain a ton of friends in a hurry, or if you're looking to send a comment to all of your friends Myspace profile pages. You might want to give AdderRobot a try. Adder Robot does it all... Automated friend requests, messages, comments, bulletins, event invites, group invites, and automated friend accepting. AdderRobot even sneaks around the CAPTCHA code request.

AdderRobot is now on version 3.0.4 for Windows PC only. There is a free download trial or you can purchase the software for $16.95.

July 20, 2006

Free MySpace Layouts - FreeWebLayouts.net


Are you looking for pre-made MySpace layouts froms your favorite band, actor, celebrity musicr artist. Then look no further than freeweblayouts.net. These layouts are free and organized by category. This MySpace layouts site also has generators, graphics and more! You can also enter your MySpace profile page into their Rate MySpace Profile section. They just launcehed it and you only need 20 votes to get on their MySpace Profile top page.

At this MySpace site you'll find:
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Graphics
MySpace Contact Tables
MySpace Online Now Icons

Visit freeweblayouts.net to enhance your MySpace profile.

July 21, 2006

MySpace Layout stealer at coshed.com


Seen a fancy profile you want? This tool will get you their code for your Myspace page! Try Coshed.com MySpace Layout stealer. In two simple steps, you can change your MySpace profile to look like someone elses. All you need is the MySpace username and the rest is cut and paste. Click here to start stealing or copying someone else's MySpace profile page.

Besides the cool MySpace profile stealer they have a bunch of other MySpace tools.
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Generators
MySpace Graphics
MySpace Codes
MySpace Bulletins
MySpace Surveys
MySpace Toolbar
MySpace Picture Rating

Can all be found at Coshed.com

July 22, 2006

Who's talking to your child? Check on what your child is doing online


Do you know who is communicationg with your child? With ChatChecker.com says its the best way to protect your child from online predators and it's free. ChatCehcker says its easy to use and a snap to install. The software was easy to setup with only three steps but is only availabe for Windows platform.

July 23, 2006

Flashing, blinking, glitter MySpace Graphics at blinkyou.com


Are you looking for some new glitter graphics? Cool blinking graphics or just some funny graphics? Then look no further than blinkyou.com.

At blinkyou.com you can find fun graphics and Glitter Images for use in your websites, MySpace profiles, and more.

The more on this site really is more than just blinking graphics. This site also includes:
MySpace Glitter Images
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Contact Boxes
MySpace Online icons
MySpace Cursors
MySpace Doll Maker

July 24, 2006

Free graphics and animations for your MySpace page at BlingyBlob.com


Need to change your MySpace page? Try using BlingyBlob.com. BlingyBlob.com is a source for FREE high quality graphics, animations, Flash and much more for your MySpace page. They have a cool tool to make your own glitter graphics. Click here to try making your own MySpace glitter graphics.

Blingyblob.com has alot of great looking MySpace graphics.

July 25, 2006

Glitter welcome text and sentences for your MySpace page


Bigoo.ws has "Welcome" text graphics for your MySpace profile. Besides having glitter graphics, Bigoo.ws also has other great graphics for you to use.

July 26, 2006

MySpace bot that will add friends, send messages, and comments


Want more friends on your MySpace profile? Need to reach a lot of people on MySpace? Then try using AddMyFriends.com's addMyFriends+

Some MySpaceTM Bots add friends, some accept friends, some post comments, and others send messages. AddMyFriends+ does it all! Why buy 4 different MySpace Bots when you can buy 1 (for much less) that does it all!

There are two version of AddMyFriends, the (+) deluxe version which can do it all. ($25.99). The AddMyFrineds Basic ($15.99). Basic allows you to add friends only, no MySpace comments and email capabilities.

Application Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft .Net Framework (download here)
MySpace account (MySpace.com)

Learn more about gaining more MySpace friends, at AddMyFriends.com

Dress up your MySpace profile page with DressUpYourMyspace.com


Dress up your MySpace profile page with comment greetings, cursor codes, glitter generators, layouts and graphics.

DressUpYourMySpace.com has a ton of graphics for girls. Not much there for the manly man.

July 27, 2006

MySpace bots and robots for adding and messaging friends


Are you trying to get more friends on MySpace? Are yo in a contest to get more friends than your MySpace buddies? You need to look at FriendBot!

Friendbot website says it was the first MySpace bot in the business. Friendbot has these great features:
FriendBot Suite 3.0 ($55.00)
• Auto accept pending friend requests
• Auto message, comment, or just aprove!
• Get more myspace friends with adding
• Sends real friend requests!
• Import users from comments, friends and more
• Comment on all of your friends with auto commenter
• Event and Group inviter
• Send event invites to everyone on your list!
• Invite all your friends to groups

The best messaging features
• Search by any demographic on myspace.com!
• Allows you to search bands
• Message only online users
• Import friends from the page you are on
• Send messages to users with pictures only
• Import the friends of someone else!
• Keeps track of who it has sent to
Unique timed bulletin features
All features have:
• Filter out bands and/or people
• Global age and gender filter
• Free updates for life!

Friendbot also has some of the suite products for individual sale.

FriendBot Deluxe 3.5 - $35.99

FriendBot Adder 2.0 - $19.95

FriendBot Messenger 2.0 - $24.95

July 28, 2006

Baby born on ticker and countdown graphics - at Lilypie.com


Have you ever wanted a cool count down graphic for your MySpace profile page?
Take a look at what lilypie.com has:

Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker

Lilypie.com has a bunch of different backgrounds and themes for your countdown ticker. You can even add a picture of your special baby or child on the left of your ticker. Lilypie.com wasn't made for MySpace.com but will work perfectly on your MySpace profile page.

Lilypie.com also has countdown themed tickers for:
Expecting Mothers
Baby & Kids Birthday
Anniversary / Vacation

July 29, 2006

MySpace Game codes for your MySpace profile


Mycrunkspace.com has a section of MySpace game codes for you to place on your MySpace profile page. These flash games can be placed into your profile. Games such as snake, Simon Says, Asteriods, Duck Hunt, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pac Man, Blackjack and my favorite Hexxagon.


Mycrunkspace.com has more than just MySpace games, this website includes:
MySpace Layouts
MySpace Codes
MySpace Generators
MySpace Graphics

But for me the easy to use MySpace game codes is the best part of the website.


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