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The best MySpace tracker online! - ProfilePeep.com


ProfilePeep.com says it's "The best social network tracker online! No longer do you have to guess who is looking at your profiles, blogs, webpages. Signup now and add a simple code to your pages and you will have instant access to who is looking, when, and how often."

Thier website also says that, "You can set a SMS text message alert or email alert to notify you when a certain person views your page. We also give you GEO IP information on all page views."


Below are links to site explaining that profilepeep.com is a fraud.

Other MySpace.com annoyances resort to the same kind of trick. Our advice: do not trust ads posted as bulletins, and forget about trackers – it’s a myth, widely used to lure users into some sort of scam, said Lovet. For the rest of the story visit Fortinet Reviews Malicious Code Activity In April 2006. Look toward the middle of the page under MySpace.com “social viruses”

But sadly it appears that a lot of people are being fooled. Here are Usage Statistics for profilepeep.com


Your answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!

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