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May 8, 2006

Music video codes for myspace -


Are you looking for music videos to put on your myspace website. then try out They have current music videos from your favorite artist.

May 9, 2006

Where, how do I host my images and videos for myspace


Some of the more common questions are: Who will allow me to store images on their website and use it for your myspace? Where can I store my pictures and videos? How do I get my pictures on myspace?

We've got an answer for you.

Try using Photobucket provides free video and photo sharing. Easily host and link your images and videos to social networks, auction sites, blogs, and message boards. Photobucket is reliable and very easy to use. Give it a try!

May 10, 2006

Free Myspace slideshows -


Create your own custom slideshow for your myspace with It's easy and free.

All you have to do is upload your photos, add any text you want to your slideshow and press a button to get your code.

Be sure to check out to personalize your myspace with a free flash video slide show.

May 11, 2006

Looking for a myspace editor - try

myspaceeditor.jpg allows you to easily edit your background and sections of your myspace website. It was easy to change our font color, link color and edit background colors in our profile. Best of all it was FREE! This site is perfect for the beginner.

Be sure to cehck out

May 12, 2006

Myspace cyberpet - adopt an interactive virtual pet for your myspace website


BunnyHero Labs best myspace tool is its cyber pets. You can choose a virtual pet for your myspace website. They also have flash codes and HTML codes for your myspace profile.

Their virtual myspace pets include:

Once you choose your virtual pet, you can name it and place it on your myspace website. Of course you'll have to check your myspace website daily since you'e now have to take care of your new pet.

Log on to and adopt your pet.

May 13, 2006 - Everything you need to pimp out your myspace profile

pimpmyspace.jpg is a great starter site to pimp out your myspace profile.

Pimp Myspace has:
glitter graphics
glitter text

Be sure to check out for your myspace layouts and more.

May 14, 2006

How do I create a myspace slideshow - Try using


We were looking to create one of those cool mypsace photo slide shows, and one of the sites we tried to use was allows you to upload images from your computer, or if you have a url to an image you can input the url. It also allows users to use Photo bucket.

May 15, 2006

College background layouts for myspace


Current students, future students, or Alumni?! Well then you better be displaying your passion on Myspace! Myspace Layout Sites has college background layouts.

They have a bunch of schools to choose from or if your school is not on the list you can contact them and they'll make it for you. Visit

May 16, 2006

Where do i get those music videos for myspace


Video Zone says it's the worlds largest 100% free collection of free music video codes. With over 40,514 musci videos for your myspace site.

Start placing music videos on your myspace with

May 17, 2006

How do I hide stuff on my myspace profile? Rob@Mygen has the answer


I saw this cool script on that allows you to hide waht ever part you want on your myspace profile.

The Rob has done a great job of sectioning off a myspace profile with clickable areas that gives you the code to hide that myspace section. If you need to hide certain parts of your myspace profile this is the page for you.

May 18, 2006

MySpace Tracker - Can I really tell who looked at my myspace

Do you want to know who's looking at your MySpace profile? Well, says that they have the MySpace answer.


This is what it says on

Wanna see who's been checking out your Myspace profile?

Well now you can spy on everyone who checks out your Myspace profile with the FREE Who's on Myspace tracker! Use it to:

* See if your ex bf/gf or a girl/guy you have a crush on is still checking you out!
* Find out if someone creepy is stalking or snooping on you
* Track everyone who visits your profile

But the myspace tracker questions are: Is this service real? Does it really work?

Let's check on the web for some answers on this myspace tracker.

Continue reading "MySpace Tracker - Can I really tell who looked at my myspace" »

May 19, 2006

Where to get myspace glitter graphics -

addglitter.jpg allows you to add glitter effects to any image you have. All you need is an image which you wish to add some sparkle to. This site requires no software, just your image and a myspace account. also has 12 different glitter styles for you to create your own message or a glitter name.

May 20, 2006

See Who's Visiting Your MySpace Profile Page -- On a Map!


See Who's Visiting Your MySpace Profile Page -- On a Map! is the tile for I thought this was pretty cool site. I could place MixMap on MySpace webpage it could show who visited my myspace profile. But I soon realized this myspace mapping would only work if my friends or visitors had also signed up for this service. So will work but only if others who visit your site also have this service.

May 21, 2006

Myspace Editor, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and MySpace Video Codes


Myspace Editor, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and MySpace Video Codes are what you can find at This site is loaded with cool layouts, graphics and codes. It had one of the largest collections I've seen. I'll definitely go back and use this site to pimp out my myspace profile.

May 22, 2006

The best MySpace tracker online! -

profilepeep.jpg says it's "The best social network tracker online! No longer do you have to guess who is looking at your profiles, blogs, webpages. Signup now and add a simple code to your pages and you will have instant access to who is looking, when, and how often."

Thier website also says that, "You can set a SMS text message alert or email alert to notify you when a certain person views your page. We also give you GEO IP information on all page views."


Below are links to site explaining that is a fraud.

Other annoyances resort to the same kind of trick. Our advice: do not trust ads posted as bulletins, and forget about trackers – it’s a myth, widely used to lure users into some sort of scam, said Lovet. For the rest of the story visit Fortinet Reviews Malicious Code Activity In April 2006. Look toward the middle of the page under “social viruses”

But sadly it appears that a lot of people are being fooled. Here are Usage Statistics for


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